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A full profile, which includes:
  • Overview
  • Doctors' profiles
  • Photo & video gallery
  • A list of procedures and specialties available at your center
  • Phones, address and map
  • Statistics
  • Examples:
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Listings in the relevant specialties:

  • You choose where you would like to appear (in which specialties).
  • Listing in any specialty ensures your listing in all relevant sub-specialties and procedures.
    For example:
    When listed in the Cosmetic Surgery specialty, you will also appear in the Rhinoplasty page, Tummy Tuck page, Breast Augmentation page and all other cosmetic surgery procedures you offer.

Patient inquiries:

  • Visitors to will contact you specifically and ask for information from your hospital/clinic.
  • The number of inquiries you receive depends on these factors:
    • The number of specialties you appear in
    • Your country
    • Your position in our search results
    • How detailed is your profile (e.g. adding information about the doctors increases the number of inquiries)
    Our representatives can provide you with a pretty accurate estimation of the number of inquiries you will receive.


For hospitals
number of specialties price per year
Euro $US
All relevant specialties € 5,200 $US 5,500
10 specialties € 3,700 $US 3,900
For clinics and specialized medical centers
number of specialties price per year
Euro $US
1 specialty € 950 $US 999
Each additional specialty € 450 $US 480

Promotions - receive more inquiries:

  • A Promotion means you will appear higher on our search results, which translates into more inquiries.
  • You can be promoted in:
    • Your country's results (e.g. "Fertility Treatment Thailand")
    • Your region (e.g. "Neurosurgery Europe")
    • Internationally (e.g. "Valve Replacement abroad")
  • You choose specific specialties where you would like to be promoted (your "areas of excellence").

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