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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Overview

Considered the second largest hospital in Israel, the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), is by far Israel’s most developed research institutions, offering a wide range of healthcare services.

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is among the largest hospitals in Israel that offer excellent medical services to the residents as well as patients from all over the world. Regarding, research and development, the facility is considered to be the best-equipped and facilitates performing hundreds of research every year. The healthcare services in this medical facility are modernized to cater for the healthcare needs of people. Also, the hospital is a reputable destination for medical tourism. In fact, most cases that cannot be handled in the Middle Eastern region are mostly referred to the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Despite being the second-largest facility in the country, it is recommended by many medical practitioners as well as patients who have been treated in the hospital. The facility operates all year round and is focused on delivering exemplary care to those who are in need of medical attention. The staff in the facility is well-equipped and has the knowledge required in dealing with various diseases that harm the body. A range of specialists exists in the medical center such as cardiologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, and microsurgery experts. The medical team is always ready to receive patients and give them the necessary medication that they deserve.

A Facility for Medical Tourism

The hospital continues to attract many referrals from all over the world due to the high standards of medical procedures maintained. The facility remains a preferred destination due to the many ongoing types of research that have over time resulted in discoveries in the medical world. On the other hand, the medical center has various specialist departments that accommodate majorly all the necessary equipment and specialists that make it a one-stop healthcare center. Though the primary focus of the hospital is to serve the residents of Tel Aviv, its global recognition has turned it into a busy international hub. Many local and international healthcare personalities recommend the hospital on multiple occasions. Many medical schools in the region select our services to enhance their medical training capacities. As a compliment to the hospital, it was ranked in the top ten best medical tourism centers by a regional magazine. The hospital staff strains to ensure that all the needs of a patient are met. Therefore, we have devised a personalized healthcare system that is tailored to suit individual patient’s needs. Global healthcare standards and regulations are maintained, which makes the medical facility a preferred destination point for medical tourism.

Hospital Capacity

Being a large facility, the Tel Aviv Medical Center has a bed capacity of 1300 units. The units are well-distributed across various departments of the hospital. The facility sits on a 52 acre piece of land, which allows it to have ample spaces in case there is need to build more departments within the facility.

Major Institutions

The major institutions found in the facility include Ichilov General Hospital, Lis Maternity, Dana-Wek Children’s hospital, the Rehabilitation Hospital, and Sammy Ofer Heart Institute. These institutes ensure that the needs of diversified patients are well-established and can cater for all. The bed capacity is disbursed across these institutions. Besides, the Tel Aviv medical center has an outpatient wing that has a lobby that accommodates 170 patients. Additionally, the medical center serves as a teaching and referral center for University of Tel Aviv’s Sheinborn Nursing School and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine.

Job Creation

At Tel Aviv Sorousky Medical Center, we have created many job vacancies for the locals as well as expats. As of today, the facility offers employment to 6400 individuals. These range from the staff to the non-member staff. The 6400 individuals consist of 1760 nurses, 1100 physicians, more than 850 supportive staff members, and other non-member staff.

The Trauma Center

The medical team at the trauma center is dedicated and responds swiftly in case of tragedies. The Trauma Center is, in fact, named after the assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The naming came after the prime minister was shot in a peaceful rally and was rushed to the hospital. The trauma team responded swiftly and managed to save his life. As a way to commemorate him, the Trauma Center was named after him.

Research and Development

At Tel Aviv Medical Center, we are recognized for the dedication we put in research and development activities. We are actively involved in many major research activities that happen in the country. The physicians in the country always combine their daily routines with emerging research programs that are supported by the facility. Due to our outstanding dedication in the research and development sector, the country has been regularly acclaimed by the government and other humanitarian organizations. Research in the institution mainly focuses on developing cures for new or repetitive diseases as well as seeking new medical information regarding the existing diseases. The facility goes an extra mile of supporting researches that are not primarily carried out in the hospital.

Peace Promotion

Despite the constant security disruption in the MENA region, the hospital does not discriminate against citizens of the neighboring countries. We act as so to try and promote the interrelation between Israel and other nations. Due to the above, the hospital has become a preferred medical center by the people of Middle Eastern. 

Growth Prospects

The hospital aims at expanding to accommodate more patients from the current capacity. Since the hospital’s inception, the number of patients that visit the facility for medical reasons has steadily increased annually due to the preference and referrals. Currently, the hospital has ongoing projects that are aimed at increasing the facilities for conducting research and development. The infrastructure of the hospital is enhanced every year and there are consistent repairs and renovations that happen throughout the year to maintain the proper outlook of the facility. As the facility continues to grow, it creates new job opportunities for the citizens of Tel Aviv. Most of the recent development in the city was the Sammy Ofer Heart building which is a thirteen story building with an emergency room and a heart center.

Since the medical center’s foundation in 1914, patient activity has increased gradually. Each year, the facility deals with, more than 11,000 deliveries, 101,000 new admissions, 208,000 emergency room visits, surgical procedures totaling over 34,000, and 1,600,000 outpatient clinic visits.

Technology and Medical Efficiency

At Tel Aviv Sarousky hospital, we apply the most recent technology in all our departments. This ensures that the medical services provided are efficient and are dedicated to ensuring that the patient receives the kind of medication they never anticipated. The team of IT experts in the hospital keeps the facility informed and updated on the current technology in terms of the equipment used during treatment of various diseases.

Cost of Medication

The cost of receiving treatment in this medical center is in line with the proposals given by the ministry of health in the country. The hospital is a public institution that serves Israeli nationals as well as medical tourists. For the medical tourists, you are encouraged to make arrangements directly with the hospital to avoid high costs of travel, which are propagated by the agents. We charge way less compared to other hospitals in the region, which give us a competitive advantage in the field. We do not charge clients unnecessary commissions and we ensure that your stay in the hospital is well catered.

JCI Accreditation

On January 2014, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre was awarded by the Joint Commission International for being safe and offering good services. Being recognized for this award is very important for the Israel hospital and the whole world in general. In the previous year's this award was only for the hospital managers, but recently all medical staff is also included for the quality awarding.

Credible Auditing

This hospital also received a Gold Seal of Approval for passing the auditing, which was conducive for one by seniors from the Joint Commission International. These auditors covered every corner of the hospital including the laboratories, which offer quality services to both patients and those conducting research. Moreover, the inpatient and outpatients records were audited together with the hospital infrastructure such as the electrical generators, dust bins and also the hospital parking. Auditing was also conducted on the medical reports, which took a whole week.

Lasting Impacts

In order to recognize the hospital, there were 1300 principles, which were put down by the JCI and were structured in two major subjects. These include the management team that gives orders to the rest of the staff in terms of training and interviews, those who supervise research and those who supervise the hospital's facilities such roads and laboratory. Secondly, those in charge of offering treatment to the patients in terms of surgery, preventing the spread of diseases, maintains worldwide safety goals of the patients and offering drugs to the patients.

The hospital used the three years to prepare for this auditing where it upgraded its facilities performance to meet the required standards. Within this period different ways of doing everything were made perfect, the staff was trained and the infrastructure improved. All the hospital employees worked together to achieve this goal of providing the best services to the patients and improve the wellbeing of everybody.

Procedures Providing Impeccable Results

The hospital encourages working as a team, which is bringing together all skilled personnel from a different department who deal with health problems to come up with a quick solution to problems affecting their patients. Moreover, we offer different services to the patients within the period that they are in the hospital such as interpretation for those who does not understand the language being used. Those from abroad are received with a lot of respect and directed to their area of treatment. They are given a guide on arrival for them to follow through the whole treatment process, including interpretation for easy understanding.

The award does not mean is the end of hard work, the employees will continue to work towards excellence and aiming for the official approval by the JCI. Being approved by this commission means being recognized by the whole world. Being awarded for various disciplines such as teamwork among different staff members, active participation by all employees and the transparency that ensured positive pass in the survey will allow them to continue providing quality service to those who are in need of it.


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  • ISO 9001


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  • Number of doctors: 1130
  • Number of beds: 1100
  • Year established: 1899
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