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Tel Aviv, Israel

Assuta Hospital - Overview

Offering You All the Medical Services Required for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Under One Roof

Assuta is one of Israel’s top and most advanced medical centers for oncology treatments. The Oncology Center at Assuta was awarded a certificate of appreciation by JCI for being one of the leading oncology centers in the world.

Assuta provides a bundle of comprehensive services, all under a single roof, which includes the full range of tests, diagnoses and treatments required at each stage of the disease:

  • Preliminary diagnosis, including: diagnostic testing using different imaging methods –CT, PET CET, MRI and mapping.
  • Both invasive and noninvasive diagnostic tests, such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and breast biopsy using FNA and FNL procedures, as well as Mammotome.
  • Advanced surgical oncology procedures performed by Israel’s top surgeons, using the most cutting edge technologies available in the world today. Collaboration among the different medical experts, who work as a multidisciplinary unit (starting withthe radiologist, the surgeon and through to the oncologist), allows to give patients optimal, tailored treatment.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments (including ‘True Beam’ – a leading-edge cancer care radiotherapy system, operating with advanced speed and accuracy),radiosurgery and integrated innovative treatments.
  • The Chemotherapy Unit operates as a day hospital facility, providing oncology consulting and an extensive range of ambulatory treatments for all medical indications and for every stage of the disease.
  • Personal guidance and consulting throughout the entire process by Israel’s top physicians and oncology experts.

Benefits of the Oncology Center and Its Services:

  • Personal support and accompaniment of a staff member who is proficient in the patient’s medical file and in the treatment plan tailored for the patient.
  • High availability of tests and treatments.
  • A staff of senior surgical oncologists for the patient’s selection.
  • Advanced operating rooms with the last word in surgical oncology medical equipment.
  • A nursing staff comprised of highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals in the field of oncology, providing treatment that is personal, sensitive, emphatic and extremely service-oriented.

INTRABEAM: Innovative Treatment for Breast Cancer

Constantly at the forefront of medical technology, Assuta Medical Center is proud to offer you groundbreaking medical treatment. If you are a breast cancer patient, it’s crucial that you are aware of one of the most compelling innovations in the treatment of this disease: INTRABEAM – promoting the quality of breast cancer treatment at Assuta one step further.

The INTRABEAM system delivers a single, targeted treatment of radiation therapy while the patient is in surgery and the cancerous tumor is operated on. The procedure takes place immediately after the tumor is excised, during the final stage of the surgery. After the tumor is removed and the area is cleared, the device is inserted into the inner part of the breast and it delivers targeted radiation to the area for a duration of 20-25 minutes,thus providing the patient with the total amount of radiation she requires.

For many women who come to Assuta from all over the world, shortening their stay in Israel due to this innovative treatment is a considerable advantage.

This type of treatment is mainly performed on women over the age of 50 who have small tumors of up to 2 cm., which normally tend to be less aggressive and are less prone to spread. It’s important to note that since the radiation is targeted at the tumor and is not delivered to the entire breast, unnecessary radiation is avoided by healthy tissue, thus reducing the risk of complications in the surrounding area of the breast.

The International Department staff personally accompanies you throughout your entire stay at Assuta and is at your service to help you with every need – prior to, during and after your surgery.

Benefits of the INTRABEAM Treatment

  • Intraoperative radiation therapy which allows for maximum precision in treating the cancerous area, eradication of the tumor’s local growth and completion of the radiation treatment in a short period of time.
  • INTRABEAM spares the patient a long series of post-surgery radiation treatments and it significantly reduces side effects brought on by radiation, such as burns and edemas, as well as frequent visits to the hospital.
  • Maximum treatment with minimum side effects – precise, targeted radiation which does not damage the skin tissue surrounding the radiated area and which does not injure other organs such as the heart and lungs, located in close proximity to the breast.
  • A quick and comfortable recovery.
  • An enhanced cosmetic outcome of the breast shape.
  • The employment of this method allows to repeat treatment after a while, in case of cancer recurrence in another area of the breast. With the standard method,which delivers radiation to the entire breast, the only option in the case of cancer recurrence is mastectomy.

INTRABEAM radiotherapy is performed in Assuta’s sophisticated, innovate and advanced operating rooms, at high availability and according to your schedule during your stay in Israel. You get to select the expert who will perform your surgery from Israel’s top surgical oncologists.

NanoKnife: Leading-Edge Technology for the Treatment of Cancerous Tumors

As a prominent surgical hospital at the forefront of medical technology, Assuta offers tourists from all over the world the most ground-breaking medical treatment for cancerous tumors in the liver, pancreas and the stomach area (prostate/kidneys), using NanoKnife Technology.

Assuta is one of the first medical centers in the world to successfully meet the challengeof treatment using this new technology, giving hope to thousands of cancer patientswho, up until now, were not surgical candidates due to the intricate location of theirtumor.

About NanoKnife Technology

NanoKnife is cutting edge technology which eradicates and destroys cancerous cells in a selective manner through the use of electric pulses. It treats and leads to the demise of tumors that overlap with essential blood vessels or those which are not easily accessible for surgery.

During NanoKnife treatment, high-voltage electric currents, of up to 3000 volts, are administered in short pulses of up to 100 microseconds. This leads to electrical changes in the cell membrane and to irreversible damage to its perpetuation and impermeability,which ultimately leads to tumor cell demise. Due to the fact that neighboring tissues in the extracellular environment are not damaged by the treatment, this technique can be used to destruct tumors found in close contact with blood vessels, bile ducts or with urinary tracts. Surgery is currently conducted only in the open technique but in the near future, NanoKnife will be operable in minimally invasive surgery as well.

The International Department staff personally accompanies you throughout your entire stay at Assuta and is at your service to help you with every need – prior to, during and after your surgery.

Benefits of the NanoKnife Treatment:

  • Targeted treatment that ensures minimum damage to adjacent organs.
  • High success rates.
  • Low probability for risks and complications.
  • Allows for a relatively quick recovery.

You get to select the expert who will perform your surgery from Israel’s top surgical oncologists.

Are You in Need of Cardiac Catheterization? Meet Assuta’s Catheterization Department

Cumulative experience of over 5,000 catheterization procedures performed each year, world-class expertise, professionalism and the proficient skills of Israel’s senior catheterization cardiologists, alongside the most advanced and innovative medical equipment in the field are awaiting you at Assuta’s Catheterization Department.

The Department provides three major types of treatments:

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization

This type of catheterization is currently considered to be the most accurate and reliable medical tool for diagnosing coronary atherosclerosis. Diagnostic catheterization allows the cardiologist to identify and view the location of the arterial occlusions, its nature and level of severity. This allows for informed decision making regarding further treatment,which may include changes in medication dosage, undergoing cardiac catheterization treatment, referral to bypass surgery and so forth.

Cardiac Catheterization Treatment

This medical procedure is designed to unblock occlusions and stenosis that have developed in the coronary arteries. Cardiac catheterization can either be performed as an urgent, emergency procedure (in the case of an acute heart attack) or as a planned procedure, following diagnostic cardiac catheterization for treating the problem and unblocking arterial occlusions.


Ablation is a technique in which catheters are inserted into the heart and are used to neutralize tiny areas of heart tissue which are prone to abnormal electrical activity that lead to arrhythmia.

In case you are required to present medical documents from your native country, the International Department staff, which personally accompanies you throughout your stay at the hospital, will assist with this matter as well.

The Benefits of Undergoing Catheterizations at Assuta:

  • The patient gets to select the surgeon who will perform the procedure from a list of some of Israel’s leading senior catheterization cardiologists.
  • The Catheterization Department is equipped with the most sophisticated, cutting edge cardiac catheterization equipment.
  • Two expert physicians are present throughout the entire catheterization procedure.
  • High availability of catheterization procedures.
  • Patient confidentiality and dignity are respected and secured.
  • Support and guidance by the International Department.

The Catheterization Department is an integral part of Assuta’s Cardiology Center, where a wide range of treatments are performed, starting with common procedures and through to highly intricate cardiac surgeries, including: Electrophysiology testing, arrhythmia treatments, pacemaker implantations and cardiac surgeries, such as bypass surgeries, heart valve surgeries and surgeries of the major blood vessels.


  • Personal escort available
  • Private nurse available


  • Family members can stay with patient


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Recovery facilities
  • Internet connection
  • Bank/ATM
  • Pharmacy


  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Hebrew
  • Romanian


  • Doctors have liability insurance


  • Number of doctors: 1500
  • Number of beds: 350
  • Year established: 1934
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