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Istanbul, Turkey

Derindere Hospital - Overview

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Derindere Hospital, offers services of international quality via cutting-edge technology by reflecting the trust for Derindere Group tohealthcare sector, while respecting patient rights and not compromising the principles of medical ethics. In proximity of central points such as Maslak, Levent and Mecidiyekoy, the heartland of Istanbul, and fast developing Kagithane County, Derindere Hospital is providing world-class services and distinguished as “the largest and fully equipped private healthcare institution in the region” with the aim of making a difference in healthcare sector with its patient-oriented perspective since 2015.

Derindere Hospital offers services particularly in major medical specialties and in acute point of care through adult and newborn intensive care units, well-equipped radiology unit, comprehensive biochemistry and microbiology lab, dental clinics, gastroenterology unit, audiology lab,EEG, EMG and sleep lab as well as advanced diagnosis-treatment units with cutting edge technology by senior physicians in its modern facilities.

With the aim of bringing in a new dimension to the healthcare sector with its advanced diagnosis and treatment units in main specialties, modern facilities and digital hospital model using contemporary medical technology Derindere Hospital provides services in 5 operating rooms equipped for all kinds of surgeries, third level adult and newborn intensive care units with 42-bed capacity, and has a total bed capacity of 75, 22 of which are suits and aims to accomplish high level of patient satisfaction.

Centers of Excellence

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Our Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, which offers all the facilities of contemporary medicine with the professionalism of specialist physicians and health care team, utilizes with a fully equipped Radiology and Imaging Center within the hospital during diagnosis and treatment process and with a high standard of technical infrastructure and equipment.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases:

  • Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology
  • Rheumatic joint diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tendon diseases and injuries
  • Nerve entrapment (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, tarsal tunnel etc.)
  • Joint diseases
  • Traumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations and sprains,
  • Arm-leg bone extension surgery (Limb)
  • Spine diseases and surgery (Scoliosis, degenerative diseases)
  • Hip fractures
  • Orthopedic oncology
  • Hand surgery and microsurgery
  • Knee Prosthesis
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder-elbow diseases and surgery
  • Arthroplasty surgery (insertion of joint prostheses)
  • Foot and ankle diseases and surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery (knee-shoulder-hip-ankle)
  • Hip joint diseases and surgery
  • Knee joint diseases and surgery
  • Sports Traumatology and Sports Health

Bariatric / Obesity Surgery

Obesity, which is a common problem of everyone in recent years, it is increasingly on the path to reaching the summit of all diseases.

There are multiple options in obesity surgery, which is popularly known as stomach reduction. In general, the types of surgery are classified as restrictive and both restrictive and non-absorption. The aim of restrictive surgery is to reduce the amount of food and suppress the function of hunger hormones. Stomach, closed method is reduced by operation, the part of the hormone secreted by the body is taken. In addition, surgery with the ability to prevent absorption is aimed at eliminating diabetes by reducing the absorption of nutrients from the body by patients with advanced diabetes. The procedures for the stomach are the same as in restrictive surgery, but are also bypassed by a portion of the intestines through the digestive tract. Today, obesity surgery, which is accepted worldwide, its efficacy has been approved and can now be preferred as a treatment method; only eligible candidates.

We are; As the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Unit of Derindere Hospital, we hosted approximately 2,000 patients with our General Surgery Specialist, expert dieticians, psychologists, international patient consultants, fully equipped hospital, and our knowledge and experience. If you have a problem with losing weight, we are at your service and you can contact us 7/24.

Aesthetics and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Medical Aesthetic Center; improves the physical appearance and functional structure of people to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy life. Aesthetic surgeries and Surgical treatment of accidents, diseases or congenital deformities are the main fields of activity of our department. The most commonly used aesthetic surgeries are rhinoplasty, breast reduction and enlargement operations, face lift, botox and filler applications, liposuction-lipectomy, abdominal aesthetics.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Services:

  • Lymph Drainage
  • Regional thinning (Welashape)
  • Face lifting, Tummy Tuck, Breast reduction and enlargement, liposuction, Scoop ear, nose (rhinoplasty) plastic surgery operations
  • Needle hair removal
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Eyebrow contour with microblading 3D bristle technique
  • Skin care and Blemish care
  • Laser hair removal (Candela Gentle Pro)
  • Treatment of acne scars, spots, crack formation with dermaroller and dermapen
  • Skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment with mesotherapy
  • Skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment with PRP
  • Lip and face fillings
  • Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Treatment with Botox
  • Wrinkle treatment with botox

International Patient Services

  • Accommodation Reservation Services
  • Pickup/Transportation Services
  • Translation Services
  • Visa Assistance
  • Consultation Assistance

Departments and specialty centers at Derindere Hospital


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Private nurse available
  • Financing available
  • Electronic medical records
  • Insurance coordination
  • Interpreters available on demand


  • Family members can stay with patient
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Vegetarian food
  • Halal food
  • Special order food


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Recovery facilities
  • Phone in rooms
  • Internet connection
  • Bank/ATM
  • Money exchange
  • Pharmacy


  • ISO 9001


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish


  • Doctors have liability insurance
  • Hospitals has liability insurance


  • Number of doctors: 80
  • Number of beds: 75
  • Year established: 2015
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