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Al Zahra Hospital


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Zahra Hospital - Overview

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai was established in 2013, with the main aim to provide premium medical care and comfort, through state-of-the-art equipment and world class medical experts.


Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the hospital is Joint Commission International accredited, holding various prestigious certifications from international accreditation bodies around the world. The state-of-the-art facility has a capacity of 187 beds,serving patients with a broad range of health services, providing personalized service with a focus on clinical outcome through evidence-based medicine.


At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, the extensive medical team of over 250 doctors and more than 400 nurses are highly experienced in their respective fields. And each team member believes in empathetic listening and performing their responsibilities accordingly.


The facility was built with the latest advanced technology, while the ambulance services are highly equipped with accreditation from DCAS (Dubai Cooperation for Ambulance Service)and RTA Level 5, for Adult, Paediatric & Neonatal emergencies including patient transfer to and from our hospitals. All the patient rooms are designed to give utmost comfort, with luxurious VIP rooms and stunning views of Dubai’s most treasured landmarks like Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and Sheikh Zayed Road.AZHD strives to provide the highest standards of world class healthcare with an unparalleled level of hospitality.


Our strategic objective is to ensure excellence in all healthcare services for our patients and the community, and work hand in hand with other public and private hospitals to promote the Emirates and Dubai as a globally recognized destination for healthcare.Our mission is to provide the best healthcare, to everyone in our community. That means safely serving our patients and their families and creating the best possible environment for everyone that visits our hospital. Focusing on patient centric care and clinical outcomes, we have 35-year experience in healthcare,and we are proud of the high quality and excellent standard of healthcare services we provide.

 Al Zahra Hospital Wellness Centre

The region’s most technologically advanced health screening center.

The Al Zahra Hospital Wellness Centre tests across the full medical spectrum, including the early detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke, diabetes, and many more life-threatening or life-altering disease. The Centre is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology and focuses on predictive and preventive health screening in combination with age management.


Al Zahra Hospital Wellness Centre versus traditional sick care

Today, we go to the doctor when get sick. The symptoms are treated, but the causes of our health problems may be ignored. We want you to take control of your health by addressing the underlying issues. If any of these statements below apply to you than we can help you to be your best again.

The Al Zahra Wellness Centre offers the world’s most advanced health screening and wellness platforms. Our simple, four-step process delivers measurable results to optimize your wellbeing for a longer and better life


It is time to make a change…

·       Step 1: Health Screening

·       Step 2: Health Reporting

·       Step 3: Health Programmes

·       Step 4: Health Monitoring

1. Introducing the world’s most advanced health screening

Our Centre uses the very latest diagnostic and medical screening technologies for one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the world today. Our advanced diagnostic testing, cognitive testing, fitness testing and lab testing includes health mapping across the full medical spectrum


2. Health reports have never looked like this

Our easy-to-understand, visualized report allow you to take control of the single most important aspect of your life – your own health. We provide a kind of profit-and-loss statement, so you can view your health results and detailed health forecast in the same way that you’d screen the financial health of a company. The results are also available online and conveniently on your own secure, smartphone app.


3. A new kind of health program that revolves around you

Based on your individual health forecast, a dedicated medical and wellness team will create one of the world’s most advanced, tailor-made health programs for you. It might include nutritional supplements; bioidentical hormone replacement therapies; detox programs; energy drips or stem cell treatments. In addition, we partner with Talise Fitness to offer you bespoke life and fitness training. Our entire culture revolves around service and a commitment to helping you to be your best again.


4. Health monitoring, the solid foundation for age management

We know that sustainable results can only be achieved focused monitoring and regular support. Our advanced software allows you to benchmark and set yourself individual health KPls, and to measure your progress against them on your personal health app. Our medical and wellness teams can support you with specific mentoring sessions and will work closely with you to get you back to good health. 

International Patients 

With its convenient geographic location in Dubai, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is the preferred destination hospital for most preventive, secondary and tertiary healthcare needs, serving various regions such as the GCC, North & West Africa, China as well as some European countries.


The hospital provides world class integrated healthcare services, where its portfolio covers a wide range of medical specialties including:


  • Orthopedics & Sports Injuries
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Medical and Surgical Oncology
  • Pediatrics Orthopedics & Spine Surgery
  • Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Surgeries
  • An Integrated Cardiology & Heart Attack Center
  • Bariatric Surgery & Obesity Center
  • Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgery
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Cochlear Implants and many others


Placing a high focus on Technological Innovation, the hospital holds some unique technologies like the latest Artificial Intelligence Enabled 3 Tesla MRI, making it the only facilityi n the region to have this diagnostic technology.


Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is focused on ensuring a supportive and memorable experience for international visitors, thus an International Patients’ Desk has been created inside the hospital to provide an effective communication link between patients and medical staff, including relaying messages from providers, gathering information from patients for providers and facilitating the international patients stay/journey. Our International Patients’ Coordinator will be totally committed to attend to your needs and can assists with airport pickups, billing and any special need of our guests.



  • Arabic
  • English


  • Number of doctors: 250
  • Number of beds: 187
  • Year established: 2013
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