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Tatoo Removal in Thailand

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Cost of Tatoo Removal in Thailand

Procedure Minimum price Maximum price

Tatoo Removal

$US 100

$US 2,000

Hospitals and clinics offering Tatoo Removal in Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

This multi-specialty tertiary hospital offers various medical services as well as dental procedures to local and overseas patients. It serves over 100,000 international patients every year.


Procedure Prices

Tatoo Removal

upon request

Dr. V Cosmetic Surgical Rejuvenation

Being one of the few aesthetic centres in Phuket, Dr. V. Cosmetic offers a full range of facial and body care treatments specifically intended to combat aging and promote rejuvenation. The centre serves international and local patients.


Procedure Prices

Laser tattoo removal (1 session)

86 - 430 US$

Laser tattoo removal (5 sessions)

345 - 1,700 US$

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About Tatoo Removal

This information is intended for general information only and should not be considered as medical advice on the part of Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.

What is Tattoo Removal?
Tattoo removal is a procedure for removing unwanted tattoos, or permanent body art designs, from the skin.

What are the options for removing unwanted tatoos?
The most common tattoo removal procedures are:

  • Laser surgery: Energy from a laser is applied to the tattoo in order to heat and break up the tattoo ink. Different wavelengths of light may be used for different colors.
  • Dermabrasion: The tattoo is numbed and the skin is eroded by an abrasive brush or wheel. The tattoo ink seeps from the skin.
  • Surgical removal: The surgeon removes the tattoo with a scalpel and stitches up the skin.

What are the chances of success for removing a tattoo?
Removing a tattoo is more difficult than the original tattoo as the ink is beneath the skin’s top layer. Certain colors respond better than others and certain skin tones are easier to work with. Patients may not always achieve complete tattoo removal.

What specialists performs tattoo removal?
Tattoo removal is carried out by a dermatologist.

Duration of procedure/surgery : The duration of the tattoo removal procedure varies depending on the technique used but generally takes between a few minutes and an hour.

Number of sessions required : Most patients need repeated sessions to complete the tattoo removal. The number of sessions required depends on the color, size and type of the tattoo.

Days admitted : None. Tattoo removal takes place on an outpatient basis.

Anesthesia : All three methods of tattoo removal mentioned above take place under local anesthesia.

Recovery : Most patients will return to work and everyday activities the same day or the following day after the tattoo removal procedure.
Full recovery time depends on the type of tattoo and the technique used.
After dermabrasion, the skin may be sore for up to 10 days.

Risks : - Laser surgery may cause swelling and blistering or bleeding.
- Scarring.
- Infection.
- Changes in pigmentation of the surrounding skin.

After care : - Use antibacterial cream for a few days following laser surgery or dermabrasion.
- Use an ice pack to reduce any swelling.
- Take painkillers to reduce any pain.

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