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NP Istanbul Brain Hospital


Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlaci

Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlaci

at NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
Speciality Neurology
About Borned in Rize at 1970, Graduated from Medicine School in the first place and became a Medical Doctor at 1995 continued his education and also become a Neurology specialist in Ege University in the year 2000. 2000

Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlaci recieved a research encouragement prize from brain Researches Association in 2000 and second research encouragement prize from TÜBİTAK- Brain Researches Association in 2001.
Turkey Journalists' Society Sedat Simavi Health Sciences Award Medicine School, dentist, mainly Veterinary medicine health sciences students that’s gathers them under the same social roof and who leads them to scientific researches, granted an award to him from Neo-Cortex student community (Nova Publisher., 2014).
He is also the founder and the editor in chief of Neuro Quantology international magazine that tackled nerve science and quantum physics, that also been Published in 2003.

Neuro Quantology magazine was also accepted in the international scientific databases (SCI, SCI-E) on January 2008, it’s still in the 15th year, and also publishing as editor in chief.

More than his 40 articles that entered SCI has been published, the topic of the articles were Neurology, nerve science, neuro-philosophy research and review. And also near to 1000 of them were attributed to foreign sources. And basically Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlaci joins, Television Program’s that contains neuroscience, brain, cognitive sciences, boundary sciences, nerve science, different states of consciousness and behavioral sciences as a guest speaker.

He has also written a book about Neurology, named Emergency Neurological Diseases (2004/2008), also published a novel name ‘’197 day’’ on 2014. And his most popular scientific published books are Death Dictionary (2016), Why did Schrodinger's Cat Became Schizophrenia? (2017) and From Cave to Mars (2017) Even nowadays Mr. Tarlaci is writing a book that contains addressing social events, finding fact of i

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