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Hospitals and medical centers in Thailand who have Psychiatryspecialists.

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center is an integrative medical center which fulfills the modern lifestyle of health-concerned individuals. We emphasize the implementation of holistic medicine, which focuses on investigating the root cause of the disease rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Available psychiatry services:

Full information upon request

Saint Louis Hospital

Saint Louis Hospital is a private non-profit general hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. It organizes inpatient and outpatient treatment in the majority of medical specializations.

Listed psychiatrist:

Dr. Kusumavadee Kamkliang

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Bangkok Christian Hospital

A general hospital located on Silom road, the business center of Bangkok. The hospital offers a range of medical services, both inpatient and outpatient, including a large dental center.

Available psychiatry services:

Full information upon request

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