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The Cabin Rehab


Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Cabin Rehab - Overview

The Cabin was awarded as Mental Health and Addiction Rehab Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific in August 2022

The Cabin Rehab is one of only a handful of purpose-built rehabs in the world, complete with a 24 hour nursing care service. Located in northern Thailand, we were the first Western-style facility to be licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health. We use a self-pioneered programme to treat substance and process addictions and the mental health issues that co-occur with them.

Our evidence-based treatment model is administered by a highly experienced, team of Western-trained and licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and counsellors. The model takes a three-pronged approach that is made up of psychotherapy, peer support and Eastern wellness practice. Its effectiveness has been hailed by both the global addiction treatment community and the international press. 


Mental Health and Addiction Rehab Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific, August 2022

In operation since 2010, The Cabin has treated successfully over 5,000 individuals from around the world with a programme completion rate of 96%. Our programme also posts above average success rates that are tracked through our behavioural science unit. 

Our 33-room resort-style facility is located on the Ping River, in a secluded location just outside of the city of Chiang Mai. We provide a comprehensive treatment program encompassing group and one on one therapy, holistic treatment including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, and regular weekly supervised excursions within the community. 

We use a culturally sensitive approach, which includes relapse prevention therapy and family treatment. We offer online video after care with counsellors available in time zones across the world, as well as a global network of partners who can offer continuing care any where in the world.

Asia Pacific's Mental and Addiction Rehab Provider of the Year

We are happy and proud to announce that we have been awarded as Asia Pacific's Mental and Addiction Rehab Provider of the year in August 2022. The Cabin is an internationally recognized center of excellence for the treatment of mental health and addictive disorder.

At The Cabin our treatment approach is comprised of modern, intelligent, physical and holistic treatment programmes.

We don’t deal in quick fixes. Our single-minded purpose is on addressing the core issues - the restoration of a sound mind and body, allowing you to experience deep healing, emotional repair and a dynamic personal transformation.

In just 12 years, our secluded inpatient facility has grown to successfully treat over 5000 people suffering from addiction, trauma, and mental health problems. 

Why Clients Choose The Cabin

 Clinical Excellence

The Cabin boasts a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, each highly experienced in their specialty. Our team is the key to our excellent international reputation.

We utilize western, university-evidenced counselling methods in the treatment of addiction and address co-occurring disorders on an individual basis. Our unique model combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), with the 12 Steps principles, which have been modified by our clinical team to be both culturally friendly and better suited to modern addiction treatment. This model is then applied in a 3 Circles framework – a methodology that is especially effective with process addictions where abstinence cannot be practiced.

The above corecoun selling programme is augmented by scientifically researched Eastern wellness practices to create a comprehensive, modern and holistic approach to treatment.

Our 24-hour nursing care and doctor support based on scheduled on-call hours allows for a seamless transition from the detox stage into clinical therapy, and ensures clients have access to 24-hour medical care.

Our outpatient clinics In Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and London and extensive referral network provide for continuity in care – from assessment through to post treatment support – wherever you are located.

 Complete Confidentiality

The privacy of our clients and the security of their personal information are of the utmost importance to us. Consequently, The Cabin Rehab is completely anonymous, and every effort is made to protect a client’s confidentiality.  Our discreet location and adherence to international standards of privacy and security are key to this commitment.

Luxury and Tranquillity in one of the World’s Most Desirable Destinations

Along with our world class treatment programme clients enjoy there now ned warmth of Thai hospitality plus top-notch facilities.  Each client gets their own spacious room equipped with standard hotel amenities, a gourmet restaurant serving nutrition meals, library, spa and swimming pool, plus a state-of-the-art fitness center, and personalized fitness instruction from our world class trainers.

A Premium Experience at Affordable Rates

At $ 16,900 USD per month, our prices are considerably lower than similar high-end centers in the West, but our treatment standards are recognised as being on par with the best in the world.

⭐ Worldwide Professional Approval

We are the preferred addiction treatment provider for several highly reputable medical societies, international hospital groups, doctors and insurance companies from Australia, the UK, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong including: