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HA Accreditation in Thailand

The Organization

The Healthcare Accreditation Institute, HAI, is a public organization in Thailand and responsible for setting standards and certifying the quality of service of hospitals. The HA organization oversees the accreditation and quality improvement of healthcare organizations.

Internationally Recognized Hospital and Healthcare (HA) Standards

The International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA), a global organization that certifies hospitals and healthcare services in Thailand, has granted the institute accreditation.

The Standards Development Subcommittee has developed standards development guidelines. The Principle of Standards Development and the Principle of Standard Implementation and Evaluation are the two primary themes that it is divided into.

Accreditation Process

The hospital or medical facility voluntarily submits an application to be evaluated for HA Accreditation. A survey and interviews are used for HA accreditation. Interviews with hospital management, clinical and support workers, and team members are conducted by the surveyors. As part of the assessment procedure, patients and relatives are also interviewed.

The survey team from the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation evaluates the hospital's or healthcare facility's services after seeing patient care. The surveyors visit the medical facility and make notes about the areas used for patient care.

The group examines written materials as well as patient medical records. The Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation examines the organization's accomplishments in light of the assessment's standards after the survey and offers outcome measures.

Elevating Your Healthcare Journey and Commitment to Excellence

HA Standards are dedicated to ensuring a healthcare system of exceptional quality and reliability. This is achieved by formulating recommendations to enhance health services accreditation standards and promoting quality improvement through data analysis during the accreditation process. Collaborating with both local and international public and private organizations, the institute fosters a systematic approach to enhance healthcare systems, guaranteeing safety and quality. Additionally, the institute offers comprehensive training to healthcare personnel for self-evaluation and elevating healthcare services.

The Institute encompass various objectives, including working on healthcare organizations' certification and assessing their work systems with benchmark criteria for measuring quality improvement and accreditation. By gathering information, conducting research, and evaluating healthcare organizations, the institute provides valuable suggestions to enhance overall quality. Furthermore, they strive to develop systems that continually raise safety and service standards for healthcare organizations. The institute also designs specialized curricula and provides instruction to medical staff on quality assessment, improvement processes, and healthcare organization accreditation, ensuring a skilled and competent medical workforce. Lastly, through collaboration with state agencies, domestic and foreign organizations, and the private sector, the institute reinforces its commitment to quality assessment, improvement, and accreditation of healthcare organizations.

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