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The following videos provide information about medical tourism destinations, costs, and quality of healthcare and medical facilities available for medical tourists.


Medical Tourism To France, Other Countries Surges Due To Costly U.S. Health Care

Date: 14th July 2014

Bruce Ryan, a Northern California resident, takes an all expense paid trip to France for treatment instead of doing the procedure locally with the medical tourism plan offered by his workplace, the Blue Lake Casino Hotel. The healthcare plan provided Ryan with 2 round trip tickets, a driver, a translator and a medical facilitator. Additionally, all food and accommodation was covered by the plan. The French specialists consult with the patient's US doctors, and follow-up with patients once they return to the US.

Medical Tourism: Saving Money with Surgery Outside the U.S.

Date: 21st August 2013

Do you need surgery, but have chosen not to do it simply because it's too costly? Consider medical tourism to save money. Here's what you need to know.

Studio interview Top medical tourism destinations

Date: 28th Aug 2013

CCTV interview with Joseph Woodman CEO of Patients Beyond Borders on the rise of medical tourism, most popular destinations and proceedures.

Medical tourism: Americans traveling for cheaper health care

Date: 9th Oct 2013

The rising cost of health care is causing some Americans to find cheaper options abroad. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reports on one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry - medical tourism.

US Companies Look to 'Medical Tourism' to Cut Costs.

Date: 1st Oct 2013

Some companies will give employees all-expenses paid trips for outsourced surgeries.

Angels Overseas, Costa Rica Edition - A Medical Tourism Association Documentary

Date: 12th Apr 2013

Deloitte has reported that in 2012 approximately 1,6 million Americans may travel internationally for healthcare, spending billions of dollars. The Medical Tourism Association™ recently completed the first ever medical tourism documentary that shows the story of one American, Bob, one of the 50 million Americans without comprehensive health insurance who traveled to Costa Rica for a double knee replacement, saving $80,000. This medical tourism patient documentary shows the patient experience from Bob leaving the United States with his wife, Bob engaging in tourism in Costa Rica, getting his surgery, going through the rehabilitation process and then returning home to the United States. Watch this medical tourism documentary and find out why so many Americans are traveling internationally for healthcare:

American patients going to India for Medical Tourism

Date: 13th April 2008

This is a report by IVANHOE News. A growing number of Americans who cannot afford medical treatment in US, are looking at other countries for healthcare with the assistance of medical tourism companies.

US Doctors have different opinions on the issue. Is quality of care being compromised? US based John Hopkins works with hospitals in Panama City and in Singapore. The Cleveland Clinic has services in Canada and Austria and Harvard is affiliated with services in India.

In several countries there is no recourse if something goes wrong. However, for a lot of people frantic for affordable healthcare, this is the only option.

World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress

Date: 27th October 2008

The World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress is the largest medical tourism conference in the world. The conference of 2008 had 850 attendees, 53 exhibitors and sponsors from more than 45 different countries and featured about 300 networking meetings. The conference in 2009 will provide exceptional opportunity for insurance company, employer, hospital, clinic or medical tourism facilitator to come together and network with about 1500 health leaders from more than 45 countries.

The congress also presents pre-congress workshops on topics like efficiently marketing and branding your global hospital, developing a global patient department, quality of healthcare, legal and investment matters, healthcare tourism company facilitator meetings, implementing healthcare tourism into medical insurance plans.

Overview of Medical tourism in India

Date: 7th June 2007

Dr Narottam Puri, the executive director of Max Health Care talks about medical tourism in India. According to him, the medical services available in metropolitan cities of India are at par with facilities provided worldwide. India has trained and competent doctors who provide excellent care, state of the art hospitals and best technology. Many Indian doctor after being trained abroad, come back to India to work. The Indian government is playing its own part in furthering the growth of medical tourism in India.

However, there are two issues that need to be dealt with – accreditation and quality control. The Quality Council of India has published standards on February 2008 which should establish the national accreditation policy. Also, India is home to many medicine systems like yoga, ayurveda that are now recognized in the west as alternative medicines. This video is showed through a portal which helps to promote Indian hospitals, surgeons and doctors.

US Self Funded Employers & Medical Tourism; Trend or Fiction?

Date: 16th June 2014

Almost half of all large employers in the US self-fund their health care plans instead of utilizing a fully insured approach. Many of the largest reinsurance companies who reinsure self-funded plans have started to adopt medical tourism into their self-funded plans. The self-funded medical plan marketplace is expected to be one of the largest adopters of medical tourism in the next few years.

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