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Max Eye Care


New Delhi, India

Max Eye Care - Overview

Eye Care Delhi is an ophthalmology center offering a wide coverage of eye care services ranging from checkups, diagnostics, treatments, surgeries; all addressing to many various eye diseases and vision problems. These include cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, computer vision syndrome, corneal ulcers, amblyopia, retinal detachment, and many other diseases. Treatments and surgeries offered are Lasik treatments, cataract and lens implants, ICL surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, eye surgery complications, and keratoplasty, among others. Eye tests available at Eye Care Delhi include refraction, corneal topography, pachymetry, biometry, orthoptics, color vision and a lot more.

Heading the operations of Eye Care Delhi is Dr. Sanjay Dhawan, a senior eye surgeon.  Dr. Dhawan has studied and trained locally and abroad. He holds memberships in several important national and international professional organizations in his field.


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