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Institut Comtal d'Oftalmologia (ICO)


Barcelona, Spain

Staff at Institut Comtal d'Oftalmologia (ICO)

Dr. Manuel Romera

Director of the Oculopastic and Orbital Unit and the Neuro-Ophtalmology Unit / Specialist, Ocular Trauma Unit

Dr. David Andreu

General Manager

Dr. Jose Ignacio Vela

Director of the Vitreoretinal Unit

Dr. Susana Duch

Scientific Director, Head of the Glaucoma Unit and Ocular Trauma Unit / Specialist, Ocular Genetics Unit

Dr. Magela Garat

Head of the Cornea and Ocular Surface Unit

Dr. Mariona Vidal

Head of the Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit

Dr. Elena Milla

Head of the Ocular Genetics Unit / Specialist, Glaucoma Unit

Dr. Carmen Del Aguila

Specialist, Department of Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Shirin Djavanmardi

General Ophthalmologist

Dr. Oana Stirbu

Specialist, Glaucoma Unit

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