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A list of Hospitals and medical centers in China, with relevant information about procedures, location, contact information, photos and more.

Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital

A large, modern hospital, specialized in heart and lung care. Medical specialties include cardiovascular internal medicine, cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, respiration internal medicine and tumor medicine.

Beijing Hospital

Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health is a modern general hospital open to the public, with a special mandate to provide medical and health service to senior officials.

Xianqiao Hospital Third Medical University

Third Military Medical University (中国人民解放军第三军医大学) is a Chinese military institution of higher learning, affiliated to the People's Liberation Army (PLA). It is located in Chongqing, and was founded in 1954, by the merger of former Sixth and Seventh Medical Universities.

Guangdong Provincial TCM Hospital

Guangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is located on Liwan district. It neighbors with the beautiful Shamian Island and White Swan Bay. It is very convenient to be reached by subway or bus.

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