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Guangdong Provincial TCM Hospital


Guangzhou, China

Guangdong Provincial TCM Hospital - Overview

Guangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is located on Liwan district. It neighbors with the beautiful Shamian Island and White Swan Bay. It is very convenient to be reached by subway or bus. Guangzhou Hospital of TCM was established in the 1930s with the name of “Police Hospital”. Then it was called “Guangzhou Hospital of Public Security” after liberation.


The hospital has complete medical departments and functional sections, with advanced equipment worth RMB 60 million, including row spiral CT, cardiac blood vessel imaging machine, etc. The hospital established 15 first grade clinical departments and more than 80 specialized departments and specific disease.


It was named “Guangzhou Municipal No.3 Hospital” by Guangzhou Municipal Government in1956 and renamed as “Guangzhou Hospital of TCM” in 1960. Since 2004, Guangzhou Hospital of TCM has been an Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of TCM formally (not directly governed by the university).


The hospital is a comprehensive First Class of the third Grade Hospital integrated with medicine, scientific research, education, prevention and preservation of health including 2 Branch Out-patient Department, Tongde and Wuyang clinic. Guangzhou Research Institute of TCM is inside.


The hospital has acquired remarkable achievement, and been honored with the title of Provincial Civilized Hospital of TCM as well as the Top 100 Provincial Civilized Hospital. The hospital occupies an area of 7690 m2 and the total area is 34000 m2 with about 500 ward beds. The 12-floor building of emergency will be completed in front of the 16-floor main building. There are more than 700 medical employees at the hospital including more than 90 chief doctors and deputy chief doctors, 7 Provincial and Municipal Famous TCM Doctor, 1supervisor for doctoral degree students, 9 supervisors for master degree students, 3 Excellent Doctor of Municipal Health Bureau,1 expert of national special reputation and receiving special state allowance.

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