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Hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Haifa, Israel offering general surgery.
General Surgery in Israel
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Rambam Medical Center

The General Surgery Section admits 6,000 new patients every year. Almost 3,000 surgical procedures are performed by the section annually.

3 listed general surgeons:

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Prof. Yoram Kluger, MD

Director, Department of General Surgery

Dr. Ahmed Assalia, MD

Deputy Director, The Department of General Surgery

Available surgical services:

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Procedure Prices

Surgical Resection of Hemorrhoids

6,200 - 7,200 US$

Hernia Repair Surgery

6,600 - 12,600 US$

Laparoscopic Splenectomy

19,500 - 22,000 US$

Open Splenectomy

23,200 - 26,000 US$

Laproscopic Surgery

upon request

Pediatric Surgery

upon request

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