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CTG Dentalcare


Izmir, Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Gulay Vural, DDS

Assoc. Prof. Gulay Vural, DDS

CTG Dentalcare
Speciality Orthodontics
Languages English, Turkish
Graduated 1973 (45 years since graduation)
About Accomplishments:

Adviser of Dentaform;Esthetics & Dental Care, Touch Up Clinic and Laser Center G.O.P. Ankara (since 1999) ; Manager Adviser of Dentistanbul Private Dental Hospital Besiktas-Istanbul (2004); Independent Consultant in the Dentistanbul Dental Hospital (since September 2007) on behalf of GEF Washington-USA.

Has more than 100 oral lectures and articles in Dentistry, CL/CP, Orthodontics, TQM, Health System Management, Voluntarism in NGO’s, so on.
Education (1968-1973) Ege University, Dental School –Izmir
Bachelors Degree D.D.S.
Professional Experience - Specialist in Orthodontics (1977)
- Assistant Professor (1977)
- Associated Professor (1982)
- Worked on the many projects about Dental Care, CE Postgaduate Programming in Dentistry and Hospital & Quality System Managements in the Ministry of Health.
- (1973-1983) Full time Academic affilities at the Universities
- (1980-1981) Visiting professor [University of Pittsburgh, University of SUNY at Buffalo (UB), USA]; Pioneered in the estabilishement of the Turkish-American Student Union at UB.
Certifications More than 100 certificates and international course attendances in Dentistry, Orthodontics, Quality Systems and Management.
- Galilee College Israel “Health System Management” Certificate (2000, with Scholarship)
- Appreciation Certificate of Ministry of Health (2001) Harvard University
- Galillee College “Public Administration and Civil Service Management” Certificate (2002, with Scholarship)
- Most Successful Woman Leader on Health Service & NGO’s (2003).
Memberships - Member of the American Associations of Orthodontics
- World Federation of Orthodontics
- American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry
- European Orthodontic Society, Turkish Orthodontics Society
- Academy of Aesthetics in Turkey and Dental Chamber of Izmir
- Total Quality Management Groups of Turkish Nationa l Productivity Center
- Izmir Dental Association (as the Chief of Inspector&Auditor groups)
- Turkish Dental Union (delegate)
- Laser Dentistry Society in Turkey(OLUD) (Founded Member and the General Secretary);

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