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The Cabin Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kendra Deem

Kendra Deem

at The Cabin Chiang Mai
Speciality Addiction Treatment
Languages English, Thai
About Kendra is a Registered Addiction Specialist and received her education and training in the United States. She has worked extensively in the substance abuse field in both residential and out-patient services since 2009, serving the homeless, parolees from the Department of Corrections, and clients dealing with social services.

Being in recovery herself, Kendra's approach to counseling is from a place of compassion and empathy while at the same time, helping residents understand the severity of the disease and break through denial. Kendra is adept at utilizing a variety of theoretical orientations to help clients, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mind-mapping, and motivational interviewing.

She came to Thailand specifically to share her experience, strength and hope.

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