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University Medical Center Freiburg


Freiburg, Germany

Dr. Veronica Friebe-jargon

Dr. Veronica Friebe-jargon

University Medical Center Freiburg
Speciality General and Visceral Surgery
Languages English, German
About Lines of Research:
Acute pancreatitis, Chronic pancreatitis

Clinical Focus:
Outpatient operations, Hernia surgery
Education - Medical studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 1994 to 2002
- Promotion 2003, subject: "Hyperlipidemia - cause or cofactor of the acute pancreatitis?" "Animal studies with acute versus chronic exposure to alcohol" (clinic for visceral and Transplanationschirurgie, Prof. Dr. med.) Dr. h. c. W. Büchler)
Professional Experience - DAAD-sponsored international year at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, United States 1998 / 99
- Doctor internship at the medical clinic of C (Gastroenterology and Diabetology) of hospital Ludwigshafen 2002 to 2003
- Physician and researcher at the University surgical clinic of Freiburg, Department of General and visceral surgery since 2003
- Specialist in surgery since 10 / 2009

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