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Kadikoy Florence Nightingale Hospital


Istanbul, Turkey

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Dr. A.Gulin Ulusan

Kadikoy Florence Nightingale Hospital
Speciality Internal Medicine
Languages English, Turkish
Graduated 1982 (36 years since graduation)
About 1982-1984 National Education Training Center Bursa Bursa Md.Sağlık, Compulsory Education

1984-1986 Ministry of Health Training Center in Istanbul Sultanahmet, Medicine Polyclinic

1987-1991 i.Ue. Haseki Cardiology Institute in Istanbul
Expertise of students

1992-2000 Florence Nightingale Hospital, Sisli Istanbul
Of Internal Medicine Specialist

2001-2003 Istanbul, Istanbul Memorial Hospital-Clinic Dr.Pakize Style, Consultant Physician

2004-2005 Special Diagnostic Treatment and Family Medicine Poliker Clinix, Istanbul

2005 - Dr.Osmanoğlu Clinic, Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Istanbul
Education 1976-1982 Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul

1987-1991 Haseki Cardiology Institute in Istanbul
Cardiology Department, Listen Read phonetically

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