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Chiangmai Ram Hospital

Dr. Pudtan Wongtritatanachai

Dr. Pudtan Wongtritatanachai

Plastic Surgeon
at Chiangmai Ram Hospital
Speciality General and Plastic Surgery
Languages English, Thai
Graduated 2000 (18 years since graduation)
About Present Position:
- Part time, General and Plastic Surgery Hospital.
- Full time General and Plastic Surgery Special Medical Center, Chiangmai University, Thailand.

Teaching, specific interest, and competency:
- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
- General Surgery
- Part time Teaching Stuff in Department and General Surgery, Fac. Med, Chaingmai University, Thailand
Education 2000 MD Chiangmai University, Thailand
Professional Experience 2000-2005 Residency Trainning , General Surgery Department ,Fac Med, Chiangmai

2005-2007 Residency Trainning ,Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Fac, Med,
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand King Chulalongkorn Memarial
Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Certifications 2005 Thai Board in General Surgery. Chiangmai University, Thailand
2007 Thai Board in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Chulalongkorn University
(King Chulalongkorn Memoral Hospital, Thailand
Memberships Thai Medical Council
The Thai Royal College of General Surgery
The Thai Royal College Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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