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Rheumatology in Bangalore

Hospitals, clinics and doctors in Bangalore, India who specialize in Rheumatology
Rheumatology in India
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Columbia Asia Hospitals

A 200-bed facility located at Gateway Center in Northwest Bangalore. The hospital opened in 2008 and provides comprehensive tertiary-level services, such as cardiac operations, orthopedics and neuroscience, as well as secondary-level medical care.

Listed rheumatologist:

Dr. Sharath Kumar

Rheumatology Consultant

Apollo Hospitals Bangalore

Apollo Bangalore is a modern, JCI accredited, multi-specialty hospital, capable of treating the most complex medical cases, including neurosurgy, bone marrow transplants, oncology and cardiac surgery. Apollo provides a full range of services for foreign patients.

Available rheumatology services:

Full information upon request

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