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Smileshop Dental Clinic


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Smileshop Dental Clinic - Overview

At Smileshop it is our goal to help all of our guests, regardless of age, develop a plan to achieve optimum oral health and to help them keep their teeth for a lifetime with maximum comfort, function, appearance and health. We will show you how to maintain a healthy mouth by keeping it free from disease. Dentistry of the future will be more concerned with oral health care, rather than the conventional "drilling and filling" of the past. By using advanced preventive techniques we can make this care available to you now. We will diagnose any potential disease and take measures to prevent its development. We do this through examinations, regular maintenance, and any necessary restorative work will be carried out in order to locate areas that can be corrected before they turn into major ones. We check your entire environment situation, as well to see if outside factors are causing the dental problems.


Our consultation room provides a quiet, private, area to interview new patients about their goals for treatment, discuss alternatives, educate, demonstrate various dental procedures, exhibit appliances, discuss the pros and cons of treatment and make financial arrangements. We also use this room for presenting progress updates to existing patients or their families. This room also serves as our audio visual area where patients will be able to view dental educational programmes on a TV monitor.

Dental services

Services carried out include root canal, fillings, implants, crowns, cleaning, periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening using Brite Smile and more.

Involving you in your dental health

At Smileshop, the staff members are dedicated to your good oral health and focus on what makes a mouth healthy - your teeth and gums - and strive for optimal dental health. No practice can help you achieve your goals unless you're an integral part of the team, that is why at Smileshop, you're part of our team. We will offer you an overall diagnosis and explain all of your treatment options and we will work with you to make sure you understand each and every part of your treatment program. This co-diagnosis routinely guarantees optimum dental health for you, and a relaxed atmosphere for all of us. We hope you'll find our approach pleasant and rewarding for years to come, as comprehensive preventive based care is more successful on a long term basis.

Computer technology

Computer technology is used extensively at the reception area , consultation room as well as the treatment rooms. Apart from printing off your latest statement, we can even let you have a copy of your x-rays and digital photos.

Our holistic approach

The bottom line is that we not only want you to love your smile, but we want you to enjoy the process. Our entire caring dental "team" wants to make sure that you are absolutely as comfortable as possible at all times. We live in a hurried and stressful environment, but feel that there is no reason why dental care shouldn't be a positive, welcoming experience. "Smileshop Dentistry" helps put you at ease. We feel that it is a nicer way to treat people and we know that if you are so comfortable in visiting our office, we have a greater opportunity to also welcome your friends and family.


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  • Number of doctors: 4
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