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RP Medical Center


Buenos Aires, Argentina

RP Medical Center - Overview

RP Medical Center specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.
RP's Physicians and Technicians are renowned professionals with vast experience. They are part of the medical staff of major hospitals in Argentina, where they handle both clinical and aesthetic cases. Many of them have conducted research and submitted papers in conferences and symposiums, and are members of Argentine and international medical associations.
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Medical services offered
Specialties offered include: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, Hair Transplant, Phlebology and Dermatology.
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Service to international patients
RP assists patients who travel to for treatment from the time of arrival until their departure, making all the necessary arrangements to make yours a good stay: accommodation, transfers, pick-up and drop-off at the airports, bilingual assistants, bilingual post-operative care assistants, etc.

The RP Team is always available to coordinate scheduled activities and follow up the patients' health status, their personal needs, and concerns. Some treatments require assistance and care around the clock. We have assistants to help and accompany our patients at all times. The Physicians at RP perform all post-operative follow-ups personally.


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Financing available


  • Accommodation arrangements


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Phone in rooms


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Number of doctors: 5
  • Year established: 1968
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