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Dental clinics in Argentina, medical centers in Argentina offering dental care - dentists profiles, pictures, and prices.

Dental Argentina

A team of two dentists who specialize in the treatment of foreign patients, both are members of the American Dental Association.

Listed dentists:

Dr. Gustavo A.Telo

Aesthetic Rehabilitation and Implants

Dr. Marisol Telo

Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

Available dental services:

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Procedure Prices

Crown (full porcelain)

440 US$

Crown (Gold)

400 US$

Crown (porcelain fused to metal)

330 US$

Crown (zirconium)

490 US$

Dental implant (3i Biomet)

750 US$

Dental implant (B&W/Q-implant)

550 US$

Buenos Aires British Hospital

The British Hospital Buenos Aires is one of leader in health care which was highly reputed on account of the professional quality and care provided by its medical staff and nursing.

Available dental services:

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