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Nuhart Hair Restoration Philippines


Manila, Philippines

Nuhart Hair Restoration Philippines - Overview

There’s A New You Waiting At Nu/Hart! With Nu/Hart’s Rapid Results Program, natural follicular units are densely packed into the thinning and balding area. This creates a natural front hairline and a great looking head of hair. Great results may be achieved in as little as six months!* With Nu/Hart’s Neografting process, our expert physicians strategically harvest individual follicular units from the donor site and immediately transplant them into the thinning and balding area. This follicular unit extraction method requires no linear donor incision, no stitches, and no inconvenience to your busy schedule. 
Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair because it’s a permanent, relatively simple procedure, and it achieves a natural look.

A Natural And Permanent Solution

In most cases, the cause of hair loss can be traced to the hormone DHT. As men grow and mature, some are more prone than others to have their hair fall out, while others resist the effect of male hormones, and keep their hair usually for their entire life. Hair that is genetically programmed not to fall out is generally located in a horseshoe shaped area in the back of the head.

Unlike hairpieces or hair systems, which may not exactly match your hair color and type, hair transplantation looks completely natural because it is your own hair—just moved to the thinning and balding areas. As a hair restoration option, hair transplantation is the only natural and permanent solution that restores a hairline and adds density to the thinning area. For these reasons, it’s the ultimate solution to the main cause of hair loss.

With hair transplantation, hair is moved from one area of the body (usually referred to as the “donor area”) and transferred to the thinning or balding area (recipient site). The transferred tissue is not “rejected” as it is not foreign tissue. The transplanted hair maintains its own characteristics; color, texture, growth rate, curl, etc. after transplantation and growth. Originally, large circular hair grafts containing 15-20 hairs were transplanted resulting in noticeable and unnatural results. This is sometimes referred to as the “corn row” method or the “doll look.” Techniques have since been developed that achieve natural results by transplanting small follicular units very close together. Also, Nu/Hart physicians never put grafts in rows. Rather, they are staggered and follow your own hair growth pattern. Typically, hair grows from the scalp in groups of one, two, and three hair follicles. These natural follicular units can be placed closer together, resulting in a denser and more natural look. Single follicular units are often used to create a wispy and natural front hairline, whereas multiple follicular units are used to provide greater density in the center of the scalp.

Why Choose NU/HART?

Nu/Hart’s goal is to provide the world’s finest service and quality care to our clients, produce the ultimate natural results, meet the expectations of our clients, and make the world’s best hair transplant service and results available at an affordable price.

There are many reasons why you should choose Nu/Hart for your hair restoration procedure:
  • Nu/Hart is a world leader in hair restoration.
  • Over 30,000 individual hair restoration procedures have been performed.
  • Nu/Hart has over 25 years of experience in the industry.
  • Clients from over 40 countries have enjoyed the benefits of Nu/Hart.
  • 11 centers worldwide offer a global presence.
  • Medical team consists of 16 experienced physicians who have chosen to specialize in hair transplantation.
  • Dedicated staff at each center provide a high level of client care and service.
  • Consultations are always FREE, private, and with no obligation.
  • Highly skilled team of registered nurses and surgical technicians ensure a smooth, comfortable and simple in-office procedure.
  • Methods are always technologically advanced, safe, permanent, and affordable.
  • In addition to the more traditional Strip Method technique, Nu/Hart also offers a special advancement in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) known as NeoGrafting, a procedure where there are no stitches, no linear donor incision, no linear donor scar.
  • Nu/Hart holds a patent in follicular multiplication and is continually committed to Research & Development in order to bring the most advanced hair transplant solutions to our clients.
  • Nu/Hart constantly explores further options of hair re-growth, such as laser hair therapy, topical treatments, new surgical instruments, and the latest techniques. We only introduce methods that have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.
  • Nu/Hart has a Medical Advisory Board to discuss and evaluate hair transplant cases, techniques, advances and options.
  • Each patient receives a customized treatment plan in order to receive the best hair transplant experience possible; no procedure or graft options are the same for any two people.
  • More follicular units than ever before are available in one convenient visit.
  • Great results occur within six months.
  • Credit cards are accepted and patient financing is available in most markets.
  • No follow-up visits or on-going maintenance is necessary.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality are assured.


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  • Year established: 2005
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