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Bahçeci Fertility


Istanbul, Turkey

Bahçeci Fertility - Overview

Bahçeci Fertility is a world leading fertility and women’s health group. Since 1996, we have seen 45,000 successful births with success rates well above the EU average. Currently, a Bahçeci baby is born every 2,5 hours. We employ over 400 fully qualified, highly experienced and committed staff to serve 13 centers in 7 countries.

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in IVF. Over the past two decades we have built a reputation in the fertility field as “the centre of difficult infertility cases”. We are known for helping those patients who did not think there was any hope of having a baby to start a family. Early adopters of the very latest technologies and treatments, we were one of the first to offer genetic screening (such as preconception genetic screening (Recombine, CGT), comprehensive chromosomal screening (aCGH, NGS), as well as genetic assessment of endometrial receptivity (ERA) and, novel solutions to enhance pregnancy outcomes (MicroFilter-Fertile Ultimate, MitoScore and time-lapse imaging), we also offer to our patients the tests, (EMMA), endometrial microbiome metagenomic analysis,and (ALICE) Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis . Our philosophy is to offer the best in class, latest technology as standard, to optimise our patients’ treatment success.


Our IVF centres comply with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the internationally respected reproductive medicine associations, including the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We have also attained the relevant ISO quality standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001).

IVF Treatments Offered

We currently perform four different types of insemination approach during IVF treatments

Procedure for the Best Chance of Success

Success depends on which method of insemination is right for you. Your best option will be discussed during the initial stages of our IVF programme and our recommendation will be based on results from a range of tests. Overall, we currently have success rates above the UK and EU averages in all our fertility treatments and all age categories.


  • Fertility Clinic of the Year
    Bahçeci Fertility has been awarded “the Fertility Clinic of the Year” at World Health Tourism Congress in 2016
  • Rated as Top 3 Global IVF Centers 
    Bahçeci IVF Centers were chosen among Top 3 IVF Centers of the Globe by Newsweek

Our Committment

  • Highly Skilled Fertility Team
    Best in class, globally renowned fertility doctors who have been pioneering the research and science in fertility, matched with a medical and care team fully trained and specialised in fertility.
  • Pioneers in Modern Technology
    We are one of the first clinics to integrate the latest genetic technologies in IVF treatment, which is now vital to guaranteeing a healthy birth and baby. Our technologies and services are cutting edge and offer the best possible chances for treatment success.
  • Patient Centric Service
    Comfort is vital to a successful pregnancy and we do every thing possible to maximise this, from native English speaking staff and psychological support to taking care of your travel arrangements.
  • Affordable Treatment
    Such a quality service and commitment to your fertility normally comes at a price, but with Bahçeci, our prices are well below the EU average.You will save up to 60% compared with other EU clinics.

Scope of Service for International Patients

Throughout every stage of the treatment, all our doctors, nurses and consultants establish an open and honest relationship with their patients that is based on mutual trust. Our foreign-language-speaking staff can easily communicate with all of our patients and will support you for all your needs before, during and after your treatment:

  • Accommodation arrangements in the vicinity of the hospital
  • Arrangement of airport transfer
  • Facilitation of payment transactions
  • Language interpretation support
  • Assistance in arrangements of local sightseeing tours
  • Guidance for the patient and his/her relatives before and after their visit
  • Assistance in international insurance
  • Scheduling of medical appointments, including follow-up care (pre-op and post-op assessments) Assistance in check-in and check-out procedures


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Private nurse available
  • Visa arrangements
  • Flight arrangements
  • Insurance coordination
  • Interpreters available on demand


  • Family members can stay with patient
  • Accommodation arrangements


  • Internet connection


  • ISO 9001


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Bulgarian


  • Number of doctors: 40
  • Year established: 1996
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