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BA Aesthetic Surgery


Buenos Aires, Argentina

BA Aesthetic Surgery - Overview

BA Aesthetic Surgery is an exclusive group of providers in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries based in Buenos Aires. Two experts in aesthetics lead the surgical team of the group: Dr. Williams Erik Bukret, a certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist; and Dr. Karina Alejandra Pesce, a mastology specialist. Both are highly trained, board certified and fully accredited in Argentina and Spain.

The group mainly services international patients, so BA Aesthetic Surgery makes it a point to provide all the assistance a patient needs for his or her treatment and stay in Argentina. Among the services offered by the group are a variety of facial and body aesthetic surgeries, breast surgery, cosmetic procedures, and other beauty related procedures and treatments.

Dr. Bukret specializes in less invasive techniques and is one of the few who performs endoscopic procedures in the country. Dr. Pesce is a noted gynecologist and a breast oncologist, and has done noteworthy work in diagnosing cancer.


Specialties at BA Aesthetic Surgery


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