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Hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Canary Islands, Spain offering general surgery.
General Surgery in Spain 
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Hospitales San Roque

Hospitales San Roque has been consolidated over time in the health sector, with a strong bet for the future with the increase of its facilities and installations and the most advanced technologies designed to give the best health care and welfare to the patient.

Available surgical services:

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Procedure Prices

Appendicectomy (Appendectomy)

2,450 US$

Sleeve Gastrectomy

15,700 US$

Hemorrhoids Treatment / Hemorrhoids Removal

2,100 US$

Hernia Repair Surgery

2,100 - 2,950 US$

Inguinal hernia - bilateral - with or without laparoscopy

2,950 US$

Inguinal hernia - unilateral - with or without laparoscopy

2,100 US$

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