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Fertility Treatments: Clinics in Kyiv

Hospitals and fertility clinics in Kyiv, Ukraine who specialize in fertility treatment.
Fertility Treatment in Ukraine

Successful Parents Ukraine

Successful Parents team have been involved in sphere of fertility programs for couples from USA,Canada,Western and Eastern Europe,Russian and Ukraine.The team unites qualified specialists with years of experience in reproductive and fertility sphere, organization of medical services and family law.

7 listed fertility specialists:

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Ms. Olga Tsisarenko

Chief Patients Coordinator, Partner

Ms. Marina Vasylieva

Deputy Director/Program Coordinator

Available fertility treatments:

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Procedure Prices


2,800 US$


3,700 US$

IVF + egg donation, full package

9,500 US$

Cryo-Preservation for Embryos

150 - 170 US$

Surrogacy package

34,900 US$

Surrogacy with egg donation

40,000 US$

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