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Fertility Treatments: Clinics in Russia

Hospitals and fertility clinics in Russia who specialize in fertility treatment.

Nova Clinic

Nova Clinic is a ISO certified specialist medical center for infertility and reproductive health, offering IVF, artificial insemination, egg donor programs, and surrogacy services. There are 10 fertility specialist at the clinic, and complete laboratory facilities.

12 listed fertility specialists:

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Dr. Denis Ogorodnikov

Specialist Head of the IVF Department

Dr. Igor Davydov

Specialist Head Physician. Specialist of higher category. Specializes in gynecology and infertility treatment

Next Generation Clinic Moscow

Moscow Next Generation Clinic is an IVF and fertility treatment center in Moscow, Russia. Being one of the leading IVF centers in Moscow, we provide all services in the field of reproductive medicine. We carry out treatment of female and male infertility, genetics, andrology. Our donor cryobank is o

9 listed fertility specialists:

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Dr. Liya Kazaryan, MD

Fertility and Ob-Gyn Head Physician

Available fertility treatments:

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Procedure Prices


2,700 US$

Artificial Insemination

450 US$


485 US$

Egg Donation

5,500 US$


485 US$


200 US$


A specialized clinic for reproductive medicine located in Moscow, Russia. Pregnancy rates at the clinic among women aged below 38 is 50% after the first cycle of IVF, 77% after the second cycle, and 90% after the 3rd.

23 listed fertility specialists:

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Dr. Sergey Yakovenko

General Director, Head of Embryological Laboratory

Dr. Vladimir Litvinov

Chief of Staff

Available fertility treatments:

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Procedure Prices


2,850 US$

Egg Donation

6,000 US$


3,100 US$


2,450 US$

Assisted Hatching

245 US$

Blastocyst embryo transfer

640 US$

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