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Moscow, Russia

Dr. Sergey Yakovenko

Dr. Sergey Yakovenko

General Director, Head of Embryological Laboratory
at AltraVita
Speciality Reproductive Medicine
Languages English, Russian
Graduated 1990 (32 years since graduation)
About Author of more than 60 research papers and lots of successfully applied medicine inventions that increase the efficiency of ART treatment methods. He has worked with the leading study centers of US and Italy. Gained experience in embryology working for Wisconsin State University and American biotechnological company Infigene, Inc.
Education 1990 – Biophysics, Moscow State University
1995 – Ph. D. of Biophysics, Moscow State University
1999 – Investigator, Site of Maieutics, Gynecology and Perinatology of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, course “New Technologies in Reproductive Medicine”, Embryologist
Professional Experience Clinical experience:

1999 - Laboratory Scientist (Neal First) of the Zootechnics Department of Wisconsin University, Madison, WI
2002-present – General Director, Head of Embryological Laboratory
AltraVita IVF Clinic
2003 - Scientific Consultant, Infigene, Inc., (Deforest, WI)

University teaching experience:

Senior Science Master, Biophysics Department, Moscow State University
Memberships American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
Association of Private Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics and Laboratories (APART)
European Society of Human reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
National Representatives Committee (2011-2014)
Russian Association of Human Reproduction
American Association of Bioanalysts

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