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Dental clinics in Krakow

Dental clinics in Krakow, Poland, medical centers in Krakow, Poland offering dental care - dentists profiles, pictures, and prices.
Dental clinics in Poland
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A large, private dental company in Krakow, offering complete range of dental care and treatments for adults and children, may they be locals or foreigners.

9 listed dentists:

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Dr. Daniel Uryga

Periodontology, implantology and general dentistry.

Available dental services:

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Procedure Prices

Ankylos-Dentsply-Friadent Implants

485 US$

Composite Fillings

53 US$

Full acrylic denture

435 US$

Full frame denture

650 US$

Implants - ANKYLOS - Dentsply-Friadent®

650 - 750 US$

Implants - Nobel Biocare® or or Biomet 3i®

920 - 1,030 US$

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