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Krakow, Poland

Indexmedica - Overview

INDEXMEDICA is a large dental clinic located in Krakow, Poland. The clinic’s services include diagnostics and treatments spanning a wide variety of subspecialties in the field of dentistry, including endodontics, prosthetics, surgery, pedodontics, periodontology and orthodontics. All kinds of treatments offered in INDEXMEDICA can be carried out for both adults and children, and are available for local and international patients.

Each patient of INDEXMEDICA is presented a treatment plan that corresponds to his/her individual concerns. Patients are provided as well with a list of options, including choices bearing length of treatments, durability, costs, etc. Every stage of the treatment plan will be fulfilled by INDEXMEDICA’s specialists, depending on their specialties, but all stages will be supervised by the patient’s personal dentist. INDEXMEDICA standardizes all their procedures and ensures the utilization of the latest techniques, equipments and materials.

INDEXMEDICA has received the ISO 9001:2000 certification in December 2008 and was also awarded the Business Fair Play Certificate the same month. In July 2008, INDEXMEDICA was bestowed The Highest Quality in Medicine certificate. Accreditations given to INDEXMEDICA include the Biomet 3i® (for implants), 3MESPE® (for materials and dental medicaments), Global® (for treatments with dental microscope), Milestone® (for pain-free computer controlled local anaesthesia delivery system), Geistlich® (for biomaterials for bone grafting procedures), Mectron® (for ultrasonic devices), Beyond® (for teeth whitening) and Ecolab® (for disinfection and sterilization).

INDEXMEDICA patients can avail of promos offered by the clinic, including flight and/or transportation, and accommodation arrangements for patients from outside Krakow, plus a welcome package containing dental care necessities and other helpful items which can be helpful for your treatment and stay in Krakow.


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  • ISO 9001


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  • Polish


  • Number of doctors: 9
  • Year established: 2007
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