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2010 World Medical Health Tourism Conference: A Truly Asian Experience

Asian Medical Tourism Association (AMTA)
October 27-29, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference website:

The conference is organized by the Asian Medical Tourism Association (AMTA), which plans on bringing together many of Asia’s medical tourism service providers, thus providing an opportunity for networking with hospitals, facilitators and government officials from Asia and the South Pacific region.

Asia is the world's largest of medical tourism destination and holds more than 75% of the worlds medical tourism infrastructure.

South india Medical Tourism Conference 2010

Date: October 10-12 2010
Location: TMA Pai Convention Center , Mangalore, India

The three-day event starting on 10/10/10 is officially supported by the Ministry of Health and Tourism Government of Karnataka.
This event is also to introduce Karnataka as an international tourism location and the conference will have highly-renowned Indian and International speakers from prominent hospitals, insurance companies, travel trade and government.

Busan International Medical Tourism Convention

Date: November 25-27 2010
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference website:

Healthcare Tourism Congress 2010

Healthcare Tourism Congress 2010 Malaysia
April 12-13, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference website:

Leading medical industry figures and experts representing leading organizations will share invaluable experience and insights within the healthcare industry. Selected sessions will also incorporate case studies to further add value to the sessions.
The plenary sessions focus on a wider perspective of healthcare tourism:
  • Current trend of healthcare tourism
  • Healthcare Tourism – the Government’s Role
  • Healthcare Tourism Strategies
  • Healthcare Talent Crunch
  • Quality Standards & Accreditation
  • Coping with “Medical Inflation”
  • Medico-Legal Aspects of Healthcare Tourism
  • Halal Healthcare Tourism

IMTD Africa 2010 - Kenya

Asian Medical Tourism Association (AMTA)
Date: May 10-11, 2010
Location: Kenya

IMTD Africa 2010 - Uganda

Date: May 15-16, 2010
Location: Uganda

World Health Tourism Congress 2010

Date: March 7-9, 2010
Location: Durban, South Africa
Conference website:

Malaysia International Health Tourism 2010

Date: April 21-24, 2010
Location: Melaka, Malaysia
Organiser website:

GLOW 2010 - Asia Medical Tourism and Wellness Congress

Date: May 13-14 2010
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference website:

IMTD 2009

IMTD 2009

November 20 - 22 2009
Toronto, Canada
Conference website:

Trident Exhibitions Private Ltd. and Surgical Tourism Canada Inc., invite you to participate in the IMTD 2009 Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition, on "India: Medical Tourism Destination 2009".
This is a first conference of its kind to be held in Canada. It will provide an opportunity for the Indian Health Care industry, market and industry analysts, academics, industry researchers, government officials and policy makers, to present their services and exchange ideas and develop a new vision for the future of the Medical Tourism industry.

The Health Care Globalization Summit

The Health Care Globalization Summit
November 10 – 13, 2009
Miami, Florida, USA at the DoubleTree Miami Mart
Conference website:

Organized by MedicaTree International and Consumer Health World Conferences, the event presents four co-located and related educational and networking conferences: The Medical Travel Conference of the Americas; The Destination Medicine Consumer Expo and Workshops; The National Workforce Health Economics Summit; The Healthcare Innovations Capital Connections Summit
As healthcare becomes the number one industry in a global economy, international and domestic healthcare delivery systems are positioning themselves to compete as destinations for patients seeking affordable high quality health care.
The growing number of healthcare delivery systems outside the United States, offering affordable high quality procedures, are creating increasing competitive pressure for U.S. patients. The cost and quality issues are not different from the market dynamics that forever changed the automotive and electronics industries. The conference frames the issues, opportunities and potential responses for both U.S. and international healthcare, travel and health technology stakeholders including domestic and international providers, U.S. employers, health insurers, and economic development executives recognizing the value of attracting patients to their facilities.

World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress

World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress

October 26th – 28th 2009
Los Angeles, California, USA
Conference website:

The Second Annual World MedicalTourism & Global Health Congress will present about 2,000 attendees from more than 50 countries and about 100 exhibitors and sponsors. This year Congress has invited consumers of medical facilities from countries like Russia, China, Japan, and Africa. Several of these countries are emerging medical tourism markets.

In this event, Employers, Self Funded Health Plans, Insurance Companies, and Medical Tourism Facilitators thinking of outsourcing healthcare abroad meet with best International Hospitals and Medical Tourism Companies in one place for the supreme networking event.

Latin America Medical Tourism Congress by Medical Tourism Association

Latin America Medical Tourism Congress

April 27th -29th 2009
Monterrey, Mexico
Conference website:

The first Latin America Medical Tourism and Health Tourism Congress will present about 400 attendees from more than 25 countries. The conference will concentrate on top quality medical facilities accessible through Latin American medical tourism. It will also connect the stakeholders in medical tourism in Latin America for the supreme networking occasion and educational prospects.
The focal points of the Conference:
US Health Insurance Companies, Insurance Providers and best US Medical Tourism Facilitators are invited
Considering the marketing prospects in the US, Canada, and Europe
Prominence given to top quality of care accessible in Latin America

Global Healthcare Congress 2009

Global Healthcare Congress 2009

February 23rd -26th 2009
Conference website:

This conference will feature two important themes, Crossing International Borders and Healthcare Cities & Hospitals of the Future to talk about issues on the demand and flow of patients worldwide and competence developing efforts by hospitals to provide for this rapidly increasing expansion in the market of foreign patients.

It will attend to the essential issues that pursue the transformation of the industry as it re-shapes & re-tools to develop capacity to present quality & access to a rapidly increasing world market of international patients and also support safe and regulated global medical treatment for patients, providers & payers.

ECHT 2009 - European Congress on Health Tourism

April 1st-3rd 2009
Budapest, Hungary
Conference website:

The 2009 Congress is formed based on the success of the first European Congress on Health Tourism in 2008. The conference will deal with some of the important issues faced by the chief leaders of the European medical tourism sector. It is anticipated that over 400 people representing the entire industry – facilitators, hospitals and medical service providers, dentists and physicians, government representatives, medical insurers, technology providers and investors will attend.

Healthcare Travel Exhibition and Congress 2009

Healthcare Travel Exhibition and Congress 2009

June 28th-30th 2009
Conference website:

This conference is a platform that connects macro level decision makers on medical policy with payees of healthcare travel, expert medical providers, travel suppliers, healthcare services and representatives from major medical tourism destinations and brings all under one roof , thus representing the entire global healthcare travel industry. Also, it helps Healthcare Travel professionals to interact on diverse business platforms.

The World Medical Health Tourism Conference 2009

September 16-18 2009
Phuket, Thailand
Conference website:

This conference features about 1200 delegates and several exhibitors and industry players from round theworld. It is designed as the biggest medical tourism event and presents various prospects fornetworking in the Asia South Pacific area.Additionally, it provides an outstanding prospect of viewing firsthand the top quality of medical treatment in Thailand.

Investing in health and medical tourism: opportunities, risks and developments

March 24th 2009
London, England
Conference website:

This conference looks at the prospects and challenges in medical tourism as it progresses from facilities provided locally to worldwide preference in healthcare.
This event focuses on the key questions:
The reason for the occurrence
Where from the demand is emerging
The places that are in demand with individuals
The organizations that provide or plan to provide such facilities
The relationship between medical tourism and insurance
The risks and problems involved

Global medical travel exhibition and congress 2009

June 9th-11th 2009
Conference website:

This conference will help in acquiring insights from senior level Asian and International Leaders:
The prospect of medical tourism in Asia and planning the course of healthcare travel for lasting sustainability
Assessing the competition due to developing markets outside Asia like Costa Rica, Mexico and Turkey
Accreditation of hospitals: The advanced path
Branding and marketing medical tourism
Economically worthwhile for patients and hospitals
The future of medical and healthcare cities
Updates from major leaders in Asia like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India
Watching the rising dragons like Philippines and Taiwan in healthcare travel
Developing medical and wellness resorts and health spas as an extra business stream
Search the healthcare travel market for aesthetics and dental tourism
Improvement in security standards and moral issues.

Anfas Hetex 2009

February 26th - March 1st 2009
Antalya, Turkey
Conference website:
A large number of highly reputed organizations offering globally registered quality services are providing services in medical and related areas like medical institutions, spa & wellness, Thalasso, sports, cosmetic procedures, beauty treatment, thermal and personal care. The first health exhibition is organized with participation of international participants. Here, experts can join to offer the services of the above mentioned organizations to those living in different countries inside the progress of global tourism.

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