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Patient Review for Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery-Stress Incontinence at Dr. Alpaslan Caliskan Clinic

Date Posted            : May 30, 2022 at 15:00 UTC

Date of Last Update: January 19, 2024 at 15:31 UTC

I have suffered with Stress Incontinence for many years....

I have suffered with Stress Incontinence for many years. As I increased in age, the symptoms became severe especially with coughing, sneezing and laughing. The consultants in the UK were unable to help as the procedure required is not available anymore in the UK.


In late January this year, I made contact with Dr Alpaslan Caliskan who advised that he was able to help me. After many calls and texts and an in-depth conversation about my symptoms and health, I travelled to Turkey to have the procedure.


After examination, Dr Alpaslan advised that I should have the Mid Urethral Sling (TVT). My operation was completed on 28th February. The operation went well, and I was discharged next day. For 3 days, I was symptom free with no leakage whatsoever. However, after this time, I developed severe urge incontinence, and when I was in the standing position I would leak badly. I had to return to the UK; so, I contacted my own doctor. I was tested for a Urine infection which was negative, the urge incontinence carried on for a few weeks and I was becoming anxious. My UK doctor advised that I was extremely constipated and prescribed treatment to help with this. 


Once I had managed to clear the constipation, the leakage stopped immediately. My doctor advised that my bowel had been pressing on the bladder causing the urge incontinence. I no longer have any incontinence and am able to carry on with my life normally.


Dr Alpaslan has been extremely helpful and I would recommend him to anyone. The service I received was extremely professional. The operation was a success, and I would not hesitate to recommend this Doctor to anyone. The surgery he performed is life changing. Of course, there was some discomfort afterwards, but after four weeks, I am feeling great and can now live my life without the worry of urine leakage.


Joanne A. (England)

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