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You can reach your doctor online before coming to the hospital, you can be examined by video or audio.

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You can contact your doctor before coming to the hospital with my doctor online, and you can reach the right and reliable information for your

health in a short time by sharing reports, pictures or files about your condition Inquire



With Medipol Mega University Hospital My Doctor Online, our patients are able to reach their doctors online and have a video chat without the need to visit the hospital.

My Doctor Online Services

  • Medical Consultation
  • Department Examination
  • Medical Second Opinion

How can I make an appointment for my doctor online service?

You can submit your application to us by filling out the application form - Inquire. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. When your appointment information is confirmed, you have to make the payment. Our doctor will video-call you when your appointment time comes.

How does it work?

My Doctor Online allows you to be examined from wherever you are in via an online interview.

What are the advantages of talking to the doctor online?

  •       You can benefit from health care from where you are.
  •       You save time.
  •      In epidemics such as corona-virus, you stay home and protected from the risk of getting infected.
  •       You can find the right information in a short time.

Which situations are not included?

Online doctor's interview is not suitable for emergencies. In life-threatening medical situations, you should immediately call the emergency ambulance services in your country.

You can contact our International Patient Services team for detailed information and submit your inquiry

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