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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Online Consultation


Special Online Doctor Consultation- YOUR DOCTOR IS ALWAYS WITH YOU WHEN YOU NEED

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As Hisar Hospital, we continue to provide our healthcare processes completely, 7 days /24hours, by taking high-level precautions for the health of our patients and employees due to Covid-19.

In this period, it is particularly important to stay at home, we are with you every time you need with “Hisar Online Doctor Consultation” for our valuable patients and their families to receive safe health care


With the “Hisar Online Doctor Consultation”,you can make an appointment with all our physicians and have an “Online Video Call with your Doctor” without coming to our hospital from anywhere. Within the scope of this Consultation, you can talk to our doctors about your diagnosis and treatment processes and share all the questions in your mind.


How does ‘Hisar Online Doctor Consultation’ work?

  • Fill in The Request Form for Online Consultation

You can fill in the online form and submit Inquiry.


  • A representative will get back to you to schedule your appointment.

You will receive a phone call by our specialist to arrange the appointment.


  • Your Appointment is Scheduled After Your Application is Approved

Once your insurance provision or payment (via bank transfer/credit card) has been completed, you will be informed that your appointment has been confirmed.


  • Video Call with Your Doctor at the appointment time

Your doctor will call you on your preferred communication method, your appointment time and the consultation will start

  • Your Consultation Time is Standard

Your online consultation is for 20 minutes.


  • If Your Physical Examinations Necessary                                                                              

            According to your health condition, your doctor may require physical examination.

            In this case, when you come to hospital for physical consultation, you will not pay extra consultation cost for your examination.


  • In the Case of Your Doctor's Prescription

Your doctor will prepare your prescription if necessary. It will be sent to you electronically/online.You can show this prescription to your pharmacist on your phone screen.


Payment Methods


Option 1:

 If you have a Private Health Insurance:

·     If we have a Direct-Payment agreement with your insurance company, your provision will be taken by our team and the cost of online consultation will be billed directly to your insurance company. You can find the list of the  insurance companies on

·      If we do not have the Direct-Payment agreement with your insurance company, you can make the payments by one of the self-payment methods below and we can provide all the necessary documents by e-mail and you can submit all this documents to your insurance company to get your reimbursement.


Option 2:

If you do not have Private Health Insurance or are out of your coverage, one of the following methods can be followed:

·      You can pay with your credit card USD $80

·      If you want to pay cash, you can make a bank transfer.

    (Payment details will be sent to you via email / SMS. When your transfer is received, your appointment approval will be sent by SMS or on a Phone Call.)



- Detailed review of medical records in English of the patient by the doctor

-20-minute Online video call with the Doctor via a communication tool convenient for the patient

-Detailed medical opinion and report of the doctor based on the review of the patient medical records and video call.

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