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Hip Replacement Surgery at Turan & Turan

 What is Hip Replacement Surgery?


Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pain and limitation of movement in patients with hip joint osteoarthritis.

There are three types of hip replacement surgery:

  • Total hip replacement (most common)
  • Partial hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing surgery

Hip replacement surgery should be performed in patients who have conditions such as: 

  • Severe pain in the hip,
  • Difficulty in walking,
  • Pain during their daily work and activities
  • Severe stage of hip osteoarthritis

Patient Review Video Testimonial for Hip Replacement Surgery and Spine Surgery at Turan & Turan

    Patient Review: Video Testimonial for Hip Replacement Surgery and Spine Surgery at Turan & Turan  


How is Hip Replacement Surgery Performed?

Total hip replacement surgery is performed by placing implants in the socket (acetabulum) and femoral head damaged by osteoarthritis in the hip joint. The deteriorated and damaged femoral head is cut off and replaced with an implant made of metal alloy in the femoral canal and a ball-shaped head made of ceramic, cobalt chrome or oxinium. In partial hip replacement  only the femoral head of the hip joint is replaced, the socket part is not intervened.


Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

Most patients who have hip replacement surgery start walking with a walker the day after the surgery. The orthopedic surgeon determines when you can safely return to normal activities. Generally, this period can vary from 4 weeks to 4 months.

More than 90% of people who have hip replacement surgery due to hip joint osteoarthritis live the rest of their lives painlessly and comfortably. For a higher success rate, it is important that the hip replacement surgery is performed by a specialist orthopedic surgeon.