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BAAC Stem Cell Treatment Program

BAAC Stem Cell Treatment Program

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center’s Stem Cell Treatment Program provides several options for rejuvenation, regeneration and repair of damaged cells that cause advanced aging, chronic diseases and breakdown of essential organs necessary for a long and high quality life. After the age of 40, our own body's Stem Cells begin to lose their effectiveness in regenerating young, viable and strong tissue and organs. Stem Cells are "undifferentiated”. This means that when they reach their target, they can develop into nearly any necessary cell and tissue in the body. For chronic progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and kidney failure, Stem Cells may offer hope of slowing and possibly reversing the disease states.  

There are several different Stem Cell type therapies available at Bangkok Anti-Aging Center. Your doctor can help choose which treatment is most appropriate for your health and wellness goals:

  •           Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MsC)
  •            Platelet Rich Plasma
  •           Peptide Therapy
  •           Fresh Placenta Therapy
  •           Live Cell Therapy

Our Stem Cell Treatment Program focuses on 2 objectives:

  •           To cure diseases such as those located in the brain and memory systems, Parkinson’s, Stroke and Osteoarthritis.
  •           Anti-Aging for those aged 30-50 years old with non-serious congenital diseases. Our program focuses on cell treatment in order to rejuvenate cell functions and prevent future diseases.

Help Cure Diseases:

  •           Cell aging diseases such as thalassemia, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spinal cord paralysis, myocardial infarction and diabetes
  •           Arthritis, tendon and bone diseases
  •           Endocrine diseases
  •           Aging, imbalanced hormones and premature aging
  •           Immunodeficiency, allergies and psoriasis

Help Improve Beauty and Anti-Aging:

  •           Restore and maintain healthy skin
  •           Naturally rejuvenate skin
  •           Help skin cell growth, collagen formation and blood circulation
  •           Reduce darkening facial skin from new skin cell alternation

The BAAC Stem Cell Treatment Program duration is 5-21 days. Please contact a BAAC representative to learn more.

BAAC Stem Cell Treatment Program Timeline

Timeline of Treatment 1st Trip

·         Day 1: Doctor Consultation + Check-up + Bio Body Scan + Live Blood Analysis + Laboratory Blood Test + Vitamin Infusion IV

·         Day 2: Colon Hydrotherapy

·         Day 3: Rest

·         Day 4: Colon Hydrotherapy + Vitamin Infusion IV

Timeline of Treatment 2nd Trip

·         Day 1: Doctor Counseling + Lab Results and Diagnostics + Immune Booster IV + Colon Hydrotherapy + Cell Therapy Consultation  

·         Day 2: Rest

·         Day 3: Cell Therapy – 20 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells

·         Day 4: Rest

·         Day 5: Vitamin Infusion IV + Follow-up

TOTAL PRICE for 2 trips = 590,000 THB (normal price 755,000+ THB)

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