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Vithas Xanit International Hospital


Malaga, Spain

Dr. Norberto Gandara Adan

Dr. Norberto Gandara Adan

Head of General Surgery and Digestive Surgery
at Vithas Xanit International Hospital
Speciality Obesity Treatment and Bariatric Surgery
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 1981 (40 years since graduation)
About Areas of expertise:

Esophagectomy, gastrectomy, hiatal hernia repair/fundoplication.
Gastric derivations, cholecystectomy in Mirizzi syndrome, cholecystoduodenal and cholecystocolonic fistulas.
Choledocholithotomy, choledocoduodenal derivation.
Distal Pancreatectomy, splenectomy, liver resections in previous segments.
Right, left, and transverse hemicolectomy.
Low anterior resection of the rectum.
Coloanal anastomosis.
Abdomino-perineal amputation.
Subtotal colectomy.
Panproctocolectomy/ ileo-anal pouch
Education MD Zaragoza University (1981).
PhD Complutense University of Madrid (1999).
Professional Experience Specialist training:
Consultant in General and Digestive Surgery. 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid (1986).

Clinical experience:

Consultant in General Surgery at the San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital in Cáceres (1987).
Acting Head Consultant in General Surgery at the San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital in Caceres, by appointment of the Medical Board (1991).
Associate Doctor of the Costa del Sol Hospital (1993-1996).
Area Director for Integrated Surgical Management at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella (since1996).
Memberships Member of the International College of Surgeons.

Founding Partner of the Extremadura Surgery Society.

Full Member of the Extremadura Society for Intensive Care Medicine and Coronary Care Units.

Member of the Spanish Association of Surgeons, the Andalusian Association of Surgeons, the Spanish Society of digestive pathologies and the Spanish Association for the study of the liver.
Awards Prize for the short conference in Coloproctology, XXX Extraordinary National Meeting of the SEPD (Granada, June 1986).
Prize for the second best surgical video (Cáceres, October 1990).
Prize for best film, V Meeting of surgery and VII International Seminar of General Surgery. Spanish Association of surgeons. (Elche, Alicante, November 1985.
Hollister Award for the best short conference in coloproctology, XXX Extraordinary National Meeting of the SEPD (Granada, June 1985).
Prize awarded by the City of Valencia for the short conference (Valencia, November 1983).

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