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Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital


Shanghai, China

Dr. Li Xiaobo

Dr. Li Xiaobo

Vice Leader of Cardiac Surgery Expert Team/Cardiac Surgeon
at Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital
Speciality Cardiac Surgery
Languages English, Cantonese
About r. Li Xiaobo, had been entitled director of Cardio-Thoracic surgery department in Grade Ⅲ-A General Hospitals for quite a long period, has very rich clinical experience. Having worked 24 years in research, teaching and bedside of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in the Nanjing Military Region General Hospital and the Xinhua Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Completed over 2000 cases different sorts of cardiac surgeries and 2000 cases general thoracic diseases. Owning a rich clinical experience and operation skills.

His specialty advantages are surgeries of congenital heart disease, heart valvular disease, cardiac tumors, ischemic heart disease, small incision thoracic surgery and thoracic mediastinal surgery which need rebuild vessels, specially good at minimally invasive surgery of congenital heart disease, valve replace surgery, coronary bypass surgery and big thoracic surgeries. Is skilled in thoracotomy with minimally invasive and thoracic mediastinal surgery related to big vessels. His 10 essays has been published in the professional magazines in China.

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