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BA Aesthetic Surgery


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dra. Karina Alejandra Pesce

Dra. Karina Alejandra Pesce

BA Aesthetic Surgery
Speciality Gynecology, Mastology
Languages Spanish
About Fellowship in Mastology, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy, 2005-2006
Attending Physician, EMC Breast Radiology, Tucuman City, 2003-2005
Attending Physician, Breast Pathology, Maternity Hospital, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina, 2003- 2005
Attending Physician, Rossi Diagnosis Center, Buenos Aires, 2002-2003
Attending Physician, Breast Radiology, Investigative Breast Center, Buenos Aires, 1999-2002
Resident, Gynecology Department, Cullen Hospital, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1996-1999
Primary Practitioner, Emergency Unit, Hospital de Clínicas de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, 1995
Education 1. Fellowship in Mastology. European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy, 2005 - 2006
2. Degree in Mastology, National University of Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina, 2003-2005
3. Fellowship in Breast Radiology at Investigation Breast Center, Buenos Aires, 2000– 2002
4. Resident, Gynecology, Cullen Hospital, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1996 – 1990
5. Degree in Medicine & Surgery, National University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, 1995
Memberships Adherent Member of the Argentinean Association of Mastology
Titular Member of the Argentinean Medical Association (AMA)

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