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RP Medical Center


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Sonia Irene Hanine

RP Medical Center
Speciality Primary Care and Geriatrics
Languages Spanish
About She specializes in Primary Care and Geriatrics. She is the Medical Director of RP Specialized Medical Center. She presented Scientific Research Works in several Congresses and Conferences. She has experience in hospital practice. She held teaching positions as former chief of residents of the 4th Internal Medicine Course of Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martín and former Resident Supervisor of the Primary Care Service of Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martín. She has also been the Medical Director of Manantial (A Nursing Home) from May 1996 to date. Scientific Awards: Roemmers Award for Best Research Work on Primary Care granted by the Medical Association of Hospital de Clínicas, December 1996. Title of the research paper: "Infrequent Pathologies found in Primary Care".
Memberships Argentine Medical Association (A.M.A.)

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