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Dr. Luis Suarez’s Clinic


Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Luis Cuenca, MD

Dr. Luis Cuenca, MD

Plastic/General Surgeon
at Dr. Luis Suarez’s Clinic
Speciality Plastic Surgery, General Surgery
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 1995 (25 years since graduation)
About Dr. Cuenca began his professional practice at the D.I.F. after that he moved to the Red Cross in Tijuana. At the present moment he has acquired 4 years of experience for Plastic Surgery patients.
Education Graduated as a surgeon in 1995, he was selected to practice as a resident at the prestigious “Centro Medico Nacional S XXI” located in Mexico City where simultaneously rotated in several hospitals such as Cardiology, Pediatric and Trauma hospitals. In 1998 he obtained his degree as an anesthesiologist.
Memberships - Mexican Federation of Anesthesiology
- College of Anesthesiologists of Tijuana.

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