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Dr. Luis Suarez’s Clinic


Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Luis Suarez’s Clinic - Overview

Dr. Luis Suarez Avalos is a plastic surgeon offering cosmetic services. Dr. Suarez’s clinic provides these services that extend even after post operation and recovery period. 

Dr. Luis Suarez Avalos has board certification in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. He did his medical studies in Mexico and after six years was accepted at the General Hospital in Mexico City as a general surgeon. He practiced there for three years and then received his diploma and was recognized by the Mexican Board of General Surgery. He practiced plastic surgery afterwards, for three more years and was given again a diploma, this time in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is an active member of important associations relating to his field. 

In the clinic, Dr. Luis Suarez practices with four other medical professionals. The clinic has complete facilities and advanced equipment on plastic and reconstructive surgery. The clinic also has the necessary equipment for pre and post treatments.

The clinic is located in Zona Rio in Tijuana, which is very easily accessible from the border. The clinic offers accommodation options at the Hoteles Lucerna.

Specialties at Dr. Luis Suarez’s Clinic


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