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Patient Review: Video Testimonial by Mr. Graeme Madden – Tendon Transfer Surgery at Turan & Turan

Posted Date: May 20, 2022 – UTC: 10:02

Last Update Date: June 9, 2022 – UTC: 08:02

My name is Graeme. I am 34 Years old.

I have a history of Ankle Problems for the last 10 years or so. I had a surgery 6 years ago in the UK. They palces some metal ligaments to replace the damaged ligaments.  The surgery was a success, but not perfect. I had to walk with an ankle brace.

Few years later, I needed another surgery. 2 Types of surgery were discussed. The most serious one was Ankle Fusion, and the other one was Tendon Transfer, which Fusion being stacking the ankle in a rigid position, and with tendon transfer, I could still have the movement.

Patient Review: Video Testimonial by Mr. Graeme Madden 
Tendon Transfer Surgery  at Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health Medical Center

So, I went online to work with various hospitals in various countries. At the top of my priority, there was obviously the quality. I ended up here because of  fast service and good communication. I felt really comfortable before I arrived here, because of the level of the customer service and treatment. They did not rush me into the surgery. They did the hard work.

The surgery was success. The aftercare was fantastic, 24 hour around the clock. It's been a really good experience, and I cannot enough say "THANK YOU". I would recoomend to anyone else.

Graeme Madden, UK

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