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The Healthcare in Ukraine is a part of the universal healthcare system that was a successor to the former Soviet Healthcare System. The Ministry of Healthcare executes the state policy in Ukraine in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Ukraine Healthcare System

Starting in March 2009, the Ukrainian government had planned to reform the healthcare system. They planned to create a national network of family doctors and place focus on improving their emergency medical services. In November of that same year, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wanted to start incorporating a public healthcare system based on health insurance, but that didn’t come to fruition.

In 2014, Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvill again promised further reform, but these proposals also failed to make progress before Kvitashivill offered his resignation. Public funding for Ukrainian hospitals only covers electricity and small staff salaries; the funding doesn’t even cover the costs of using hot water. Currently, companies in Ukraine do not supply employees with medical insurance, but a switch to insurance medicine is currently underway with completion target date of 2020.

When traveling to The UKRAINE for medical procedures and services, it is highly advised to seek out services at a private hospital to receive the best experience.

The Ukraine has one organization accredited by the Joint International Commission and that is Doctor Sam, LLC located in Kiev.

Top hospitals for medical tourism in Ukraine

  • NBScience EmCell: Globally recognized for their work in stem-cell research and medical treatments, NBScience EmCell is a Clinical Department and a laboratory complex operating in a 1,200 sq. ft. building with seven VIP rooms for patients.
  • American Medical Center Correct: Located in Kiev, the American Medical Center is one of the longest serving and most trusted healthcare providers in Ukraine. They focus on delivering 24/7 primary care as well as assistance with medical specialties.
  • Medikom: First established in 1992, this private Ukrainian clinic find the best professionals to provide the best care to patients. Doctors and healthcare providers working at Medikom must first go through three stages of a selection process, ensuring that visitors only receive the best care from the most qualified professionals.

Common treatments done by medical tourists in Ukraine

  • IVF
  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • Embryo donation

Cost of medical treatments in Ukraine

The following are cost comparisons between Medical procedures in Ukraine and equivalent procedures in the United States:
Medical Procedures
ProcedureUS HospitalsThe UKRAINEAverage Savings
IVF Cycle+Eggs$12,000$5,50054%
Cavity Treatment and filling$200$7562%
Breast Implant $3,700$1,15368%

Malpractice and liability laws in Ukraine

Medical law in Ukraine is progressing and attracting qualified professions who influence its development in many different aspects. Transformational changes in national medical law occur under the impact of foreign experience, world implementation and integration processes. Medical Malpractice lawsuits are not as commonplace as they are in neighboring European countries.


  • Low Cost

    Cosmetic Surgery, private dentistry, and other various medical procedures can be completed in the Ukraine at a fraction of the cost of most developed countries.
  • Best Quality

    Ukraine’s private facilities ranked among the top in the all of Europe. Patients can expect to receive care that’s held to the highest standards and from the best doctors in the Eastern hemisphere.
  • Vacation Destination

    The Ukraine might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of ideal vacation spots, but it should. In 2008, the Ukraine was the seventh most visited destination in the entire world, although it’s dropped a few spots since then. Whether you’re visiting the beautiful beaches in Crimea or the historic sites in Kiev, there’s a memorable vacation just waiting to be experience in the Ukraine.


  • Neighboring Tensions

    Crimea is currently temporarily inaccessible following the Russian annexation in 2014. Russian effectively controls entry in and out of Crimea, with tourists only being able to gain access through the Russian side of the border with a Russian visa.
  • Travel Safety

    Public Transportation regulations just aren’t up to par with what some tourists are used to. Cars rarely, if ever, are equipped with seatbelts and drivers tend to aggressively make their way through the roadways (aggressive to what most of used to; Ukrainians look at this as efficiency).

Traveling to Ukraine

Average estimated travel time in hours
New York9
Los Angeles15

Entry and exit requirements to Ukraine

To gain entry to Ukraine, you must have a valid passport or a residency permit if your stay will be longer than 90 days. Those coming for work or the study abroad receive what’s known as a long-term visa for their extended stay. It is recommended that you apply for a visa not less than two month prior to your departure date.

Statistics for medical tourism in Ukraine

The Ukraine was recently ranked 16th in a study identifying the most visited countries for medical tourism. In 2016, approximately 13 million people traveled to Ukraine for tourism. An estimated 3% of those tourists were in the Ukraine for medical purposes.

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