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One of the biggest and highest ranking Plastic Surgery Clinics in Poland. Plastic surgery specifically for men included.
Offering 24 hour Medical Assistance from medical staff.

Centre of Dentistry

A dental institution of Holesome Care, offering treatments and procedures that cover every sphere of dentistry.

Medi Clinique

A private surgical facility offering a comprehensive range of surgical procedures on various fields including cosmetic, aesthetic, and many others.

RA-DENT Dental-Prosthodontics Clinic

A dental clinic in Szczecin specializing in a wide spectrum of dental services under orthodontics, surgery, prosthetics and endodontics.

Dental Klinik

A prime dental center providing a range of dental treatments, surgeries and routine procedures, focusing on implants and prosthetics.

Laser Studio

A health and beauty clinic in Szczecin, specializing in laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures for the face and body.

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