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SARAFIANOS Private Clinic


Thessaloniki, Greece

Staff at SARAFIANOS Private Clinic

  • Dr. Ousantzopoulos Nikos

    Head of Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Mentzelos Anastasios

    Head of Orthopedics Surgery – Traumatology, Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

    Dr. Markopoulos Minas

    Head of Oncology - Chemotherapy

    Dr. Ioannidis Vasilios

    Head of Ophthalmology

    Dr. Afthonidou Anna

    Head of Radiology, General Ultrasonography

    Dr. Saripoulos Dimitrios

    Head of Urology

    Dr. Papoutsopoulos Nikos

    Head of Gynecology

    Dr. Kirmizis Dimitrios

    Head of Nephrology, Artificial Kidney Unit

    Dr. Kontos Athanasios

    Head of Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    Dr. Koutsoumpelis Stavros

    Head of Pathology

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